LforLove, LforLies(Movie)[2008]
《LforLove, LforLies》(Movie)[2008]

《LforLove, LforLies》Cast

A Qiang Alex Fong (singer) Play)

Alex Fong (singer)

Alex Fong (方力申, Fong Lik-Sun; born 26 February 1980) is a Hong Kong actor, singer and swimmer. He was nicknamed "Little Flying Fish" for his swimming achievements. As of 2016, Fong still holds several Hong Kong swimming records (and some youth-grade records). He first represented Hong Kong at the age of 11. Fong has also represented Hong Kong at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong. Fong caught the attention of record executives with his popularity amongst teenage girls and became a singer in 2001.

Kuang MeiBao Stephy Tang Play)

Stephy Tang

Stephy Tang (Stephy Tang), born in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on October 15, 1983, graduated from the IVE Fashion and Textile Department, one of the female singers, actresses and former member of the female singing group in Hong Kong. In 2000 to participate in "Yes! School grasses grass" won the championship, joined the singing portfolio "Cookies" as captain, and won the music award ceremony "叱 吒 music force Xinlijun combination bronze medal." Personal performing career in 2005, the introduction of personal music album "Coloring Stephy" access to IFPI platinum album sales. In 2008 with the song "light bulb" won the Hongkong top ten Chinese hits "Top Ten Golden Melody Award"; the same year starring movie "very love." In 2011, Beijing Hairun Film and Television Co., Ltd. was signed. In the same year, the film "Stormy Peach Blossom Town" plays the leading role in Mainland China. 2012 debut Mandarin EP "better than I farewell", and join hands with mainland artiste Ho Ching sing quarter-season single "better than me." The movie "The Temptation of the Princess," starring in 2013, was released on October 25.

A Min Miki Yeung Play)

Miki Yeung

Miki Yeung (Miki Yeung), born in 1985 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong actress, singer, former member of the female singing group Cookies one of the members. Since 2002, he has been officially nominated as a singer by model companies to join EMI Hong Kong Record Road. In 2002 the filming drama "race against time." After independent development in 2005, Miki left the music scene, formally fully transformed into a movie actor. 2011 involved in shooting the movie "favorite night Po." In 2012, the contracted movie company pleasing to the eye and took TVB TV series across the television circle. Launched the first single "Sheep" since her personal development in 2013 and launched the essay collection "Mikitopia";

Qi Qi Kai-Syuan Tzeng Play)

Kai-Syuan Tzeng

Alice Tzeng (simplified Chinese: 曾恺玹; traditional Chinese: 曾愷玹; pinyin: Zēng Kǎixuán; Wade–Giles: Tseng Kai-Hsuan) was born on 22 April 1984. She is a Taiwanese Golden Horse Award nominated actress.

More LforLove, LforLies Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jing Wu Michael No introduction
Stephen Ka Lok Wong A Jun No introduction
Linda Chung Ka-Yan A Xin No introduction
Leila Tong A Wen No introduction
Ching-Nam Wu A Feng No introduction
Cho-lam Wong Lan WeiBao No introduction
Kara Wai A BaoMuQin No introduction
Jason Chan Alex No introduction

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