LforLove, LforLies(Movie)[2008]
《LforLove, LforLies》(Movie)[2008]
LforLove, LforLies(Movie)[2008]

LforLove, LforLies (Movie)[2008]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese | Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2008
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love

《LforLove, LforLies》Episodes

A Wen is a good sister of Bao (She), she has a dating boy friend A Feng. Beautiful and moving, A Wen often teases out-of-the-way A Feng outside to develop a short period of misty love. A Wen does not love A Feng, she just believes that loyal A Feng will not leave her. A Wen does not want to be a go-between. Abandoned by A Jun, Abe worked as a makeup lady at a department store. Bao's daughter's boss Juan suddenly announced the good news of marriage, but also invited all my colleagues to eat dinner to celebrate dinner on the treasure found a lot younger than Juan fiance is very familiar, it is their old neighbor A Qiang, but A Qiang has been with Bao Bao do not know each other. A month later, Juan suddenly announced the cancellation of the wedding. In the mouth of my colleague, Bao learned that Juan's half-life savings were reportedly escaped by A Qiang, who had been evaporated from the earth. A Bao unexpectedly met again in the street A Qiang, A Qiang has been around for a new prey. A Bao Qiang A Qiang was found to be a guilty conscience A Qiang thought Bao wanted to tell themselves. However, Abo made another request to A Qiang, and she was willing to hire A Qiang to cheat Qi Qi. Abo determined to Qi Qi ruthless taste of the wealth of the two lost. AQiang, a deceitful chef, borrowed loan interest from Qi Qi and AQiang's apprentice cheated him. Qi Qi was in trouble with both men and women. A Qiang avenged Bao. At this point, A Bao's heart has a good impression on A Qiang, but still can not let go of Qi Jun abandoned A Jun, they opened a dessert shop, re-established. But in the backstreet of the dessert, A Qiang, however, was involved in fraud and was interrupted by a group of people. During the fight, a nail broke into A Qiang's head. A Qiang struggled to stand up and saw A Jun and A Bao walk side by side intimate together. A Qiang finally collapsed. As early as Abercrombie and Fitch High School, A Qiang Alba ambush already have a good impression, but Aba has not know. After A Qiang was sent to the boy's house for a crime, until her adulthood meets, she never saw Abo again. A Feng broke up with A Wen. The truth is that six months ago, A Feng secretly developed a "reserve lover" relationship with A Wen, a colleague's girlfriend, who was married to A Wen. A Wen, who thought he was a veteran lover of love, could think of A Feng, who was playing with himself between his hands and turned it back into silence as early as the revolution. Abe, who has been in contact with the phone but has not seen each other, met up with A Wen and invited a new boyfriend from A Wen. Who knows A Wen's new boyfriend was actually A Jun ... Seven masters in the story, Have fun on the play: But love this game, there is no rules of the game, as in this world, there is no strange love, only weird people. Different people to play love this game, the outcome is already a turning point. Po was originally a happy girl, with her childhood friend Stephen Wong Ka-lok, who started a small dessert shop after graduation. Po a heart to be stable business dealings, it will be co-ordinated with Jun. Good times uncommon, treasure one day heavy encounter old students for many years Qi (Alice Tzeng ornaments), Qi took a good man Jun diligent, did not read the sister's friendship with Po, Hengdao wins love. Poor treasure not only lost a period of treasures, but also lost the hard-founded dessert shop, ended in a loss of both wealth and sadness end.After Jun was abandoned, Po in a department store as a make-up lady, accidentally met a love liar, she is willing to hire a strong hired to cheat Qi, determined to Qi Chi ruthless taste of the loss of wealth ... ...

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