Porkys Meatballs(Movie)[1986]
《Porkys Meatballs》(Movie)[1986]

《Porkys Meatballs》Cast

Dai YunHe Sam Christopher Chen Play)

Originally a college student who immigrated to the South Pacific Ocean, after learning Li ShiZhen, Li ShiZhen went back to Hong Kong for secondary school. Li ShiZhen loves Wang LaoShi and therefore decided to withdraw. However, because Wang LaoShi has a girlfriend, So again pursue Li ShiZhen Li ShiZhen accepted.

Sam Christopher Chen

Christopher Chan (Chris) is the only son of famous star Lin Chui and Shaw famous director Qin Jian (formerly Chen Jian), is Wang Xinping's half-brother. Christopher Chan 24-year-old made his debut in Hong Kong, filming many films, such as "Guizhi Campus", "African monk", "Nightmare" and so on. In 1987 Christopher Chan signed Warner, debut album "will be the heart to serve you", this album contains only four songs; 1992 he signed Taiwan Himalayas album, released the album "for you to pay", " On the embankment of the fool "two albums, of which launched in 1993 this" embankment on the fool "song is the first song, the original song is doll. After several years of development in Taiwan, but without her sister's high profile, Christopher Chan slowly faded out of the entertainment circle.

Bai YiMeng Adia Chan Play)

A girl who loves to read literary novels and often daydreams once saw a boy who looked up at her while he was waiting for a bus to give birth to that guy and to see the guy for the third time Found that the boy is actually just a plastic model used to try on clothes; Dai YunHe middle school and his class, because the model male grows with Dai YunHe exactly the same, so has been crush on Dai YunHe; Dai YunHe successfully chased after Li After ShiZhen she exits, she has been quietly concerned about Song JiaMing.

Adia Chan

Adia Chan is an Indonesian-born[verification needed] Hong Kong actress, singer, model, and spokesperson.

Xie De Sabrina Ho Play)

Xie Tian's sister, the second daughter of a school manager, likes to listen to music, so she usually carries a pair of earphones all day, which looks like Wu ChengCai. (A little flower inserted in cow dung feeling)

Sabrina Ho

Sabrina Ho Chiu Ying, Hong Kong actress. One of the members of the happy girl group in Hong Kong in the 1980s. Some 8 movies online are available online. High school students are mainly shown in high school, such as High School Students in Ghost Horses Campus (1987) and Happy Ghosts (1986).

Xie Tian Kai-Nam Ho Play)

A poor academic performance and stay level, all day doing nothing, as one who want to soak girl, most like Li ShiZhen, but always ignored by Li ShiZhen. Often account for their own dad is a manager, which is often overbearing at school, and sometimes to cheat or trickery, often pay Wu ChengCai help devil.

Kai-Nam Ho

Kai-Nam Ho, born in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong actor, entered the performing arts circle in the 1980s and is a senior actor who has worked in film and television production. Representative works include "Online lovers", "TheFinalShot" and so on. Since his debut, the deduction roles have mostly been classmates, scum, and so on. Acted in the movie. The representative acted as an employee of the old Xu Kee as a 1988 movie, "Chicken and Duck Talks." In addition, he also served as producer, including "Chariots of Fire" and "97 Happy Events." Hong Kong TVB is the main supporting role.

More Porkys Meatballs Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Loletta Lee Li ShiZhen Girls in the class's head, the typical "big sister big," so girls in the class always called her "Jane sister," she was very outgoing personality, so the boys took a flower called "Bar spicy Jane" has been infatuated Wang LaoShi, later learned that Wang LaoShi has a girlfriend, so she has been pursuing her own Dai YunHe.
Timothy Zao Song JiaMing He is also a regular worker who often works as a hydropower mechanic. He often refers to him as a "mechanic" (the Mandarin version is called "Plumbers"); he and Bai YiMeng have been classmates for three years, and also crush Bai YiMeng, but he has been afraid of confession due to shyness. After Dai YunHe "holding the red line", got his wish catch up with Bai YiMeng.
Ku Feng Li Peng is not a new principal When the school manager in the military school, the elder brother, Hu YaoBangXiaoZhang was suspended from the post of principal, became the school's new principal, very naughty, often holding a root whip in his hands, all day long evil, often like to scold students, students The test scores also always require the whole class to rely on the perfect score, which was disgusted by the students, after playing by the students, was misunderstood and was dismissed by the school manager, so back to the headmaster.
Chiao Chiao Tan LiZhuZhuRen Director of training with the new headmaster
(None) Wu ChengCai The top student in the class, but he did not go to college after reading high school for five years, not he did not pass the exam, but deliberately did not want to test it because he used to do other homework to earn money. Earlier homework earned a lot, so the total deliberately admitted to university, to 27 years old still in high school, is to "make money for this industry." Has been obsessed Xie Tian's sister Xie De, the last looks like also successfully caught up to Xie De (really do not understand Xie De how fancy him).
(None) He JinBao Fat girl, a special coverage of the school news, because grow too fat, so no boys chasing her after Xie Tian also chase Li ShiZhen failed, and any other girls can not catch up, so Xie Tian because "is also a good meal, Bad is a meal, "the idea, so change her pursuit, she also accepted Xie Tian.
(None) Wang LaoShi A teacher who taught physical education and music, Li ShiZhen's admiration for her, was a girl admired by her classmates. Because he already had a girlfriend, Li ShiZhen later gave up.
(None) Jian RenJian The new math teacher, a little girl, although a math teacher, but not a mathematical concept, calculate the wrong student scores are always too and too, it is not tolerated students say he has shortcomings, was said to be anxious to hit students
(None) Hu YaoBangXiaoZhang If the headmaster of Chih-Chung Secondary School, always has flattering Xie Tian and Xie De, the children of the school manager, and often treats the other students harshly, with some greed. In the latter period, the school manager replaces the headmaster to become the head teacher. During this period, he often helps students , Then re-converted to principal.

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