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Sam Christopher Chen

Sam Christopher Chen


  • Male
  • Virgo
  • 1960-09-22
  • Ansai
Christopher Chan (Chris) is the only son of famous star Lin Chui and Shaw famous director Qin Jian (formerly Chen Jian), is Wang Xinping's half-brother. Christopher Chan 24-year-old made his debut in Hong Kong, filming many films, such as "Guizhi Campus", "African monk", "Nightmare" and so on. In 1987 Christopher Chan signed Warner, debut album "will be the heart to serve you", this album contains only four songs; 1992 he signed Taiwan Himalayas album, released the album "for you to pay", " On the embankment of the fool "two albums, of which launched in 1993 this" embankment on the fool "song is the first song, the original song is doll. After several years of development in Taiwan, but without her sister's high profile, Christopher Chan slowly faded out of the entertainment circle.

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