Oh! My emperors Majesty' hits Huang Tianyu dead and poisoned

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" Oh! My emperors Majesty " hot broadcast Huang Tianyu is dead and dead

Produced by Wow Wow, Penguin Films, and Grain Grow Culture Media, directed by Grace Gao , the X NINE members Jason Koo , Wu Jiacheng , Xiao war , Zhao Lu Si , and Huang Tianyu starred in the costume love idol drama Oh My! Emperors Majesty is being broadcast on the hot, high-value men and women in the play in the drama of love, full of romantic feeling in early summer is very much commensurate with the warm discussion of netizens. Actress Huang Tianyu played in the play of Sagittarius star Xifeng Lie, but also because of its handsome appearance and unique personality charisma harvested a large number of fans.

“Oh! My emperors Majesty” tells the story of Zhao Lu Si’s naturally-born female Lo Fei Fei from the 21st century who accidentally came to a mysterious country with a constellation ability—Huang Daoguo. Among them is the fantasy story that begins with the various star owners. Huang Tianyu’s Xifeng Li is a Sagittarius star who is one of the 12 star owners. In the latest episode aired, Xifeng Lie and Shang Yu ( Xujia Yan ) find “lost” Xie Ranran ( Nan Xi Song). In the search, on the way to the search, the West Wind has accidentally discovered an ambush mysterious man in black. He slyly expresses a "sorry" picture and is played by the netizen. "I have confirmed my eyes and I am looking for the wrong person." I'm sorry to bother you, "I'm such a playful stalk, and West Wind is also known as the stunner." However, the West Wind was stunned and even poisoned by the poison. It affected the hearts of the audience. He was transported to another country. He was dead or dead and became an important clue to the story. The cause of the madness is also about to surface.

Huang Tianyu graduated from the 12th-level undergraduate class of Beijing Film Academy. His solid acting skills and professional performance foundation have won the praise of the teacher. Apart from the performances, Huang Tianyu also seriously studied the folk dance and spoken English. In pursuit of perfection, he has been trying hard to enrich himself and make himself better. Huang Tianyu, who looks very young, has always challenged himself on the road of the actor. He has already appeared in many works and has been loved and praised by the director and co-actors. He has partnered with Oscar Sun and Yue Xi An as costumes. The infatuated Zhou Qingshui in the comedy “ Concubine ”, Woody Allen in the E-sports eraE-sports era ”, and Xiao Su in the “Special Forces King” with money eyes open... Every wonderful character of Huang Tianyu is It is deliberately performed and created. This time, the fierce and loyal West Wind in “Oh! My emperors Majesty” will also bring more exciting stories. It is believed that Huang Tianyu will keep getting better and better at the beginning.

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