“Oh! My emperor's Majesty,” West Wind fierce player Huang Tianyu interprets boldness and loyalty

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The costume love idol drama “ Oh! My emperor's Majesty ” will be broadcast on Tencent’s video at 8 o'clock tonight and directed by Grace Gao . The X NINE members Jason Koo , Wu Jiacheng , Xiao war , Zhao Lu Si and Huang Tianyu will star in the lead. . High-value young girls jointly sang wonderful stories and tried their lives. Actress Huang Tianyu played in the play is Sagittarius star Xifeng Lie, brave enough for the brothers and ribs, he will stage a light and deadly inspirational moving story.


"Oh, my Majesty, Your Majesty," has a new definition of salty sweet youth idol drama. It not only has a sweet and sweet story but also has a fascinating love story. The play tells the story of Zhao Lu Si's naturally-born water-loving girl Lofifi from the 21st century accidentally coming to a mysterious country with a constellation of ability—Huang Daoguo, and among them, and various star owners. Fantasy story of fate. The previous exposure trailer fully demonstrated the excellent production level of the drama series, the scene layout of the magnificent paintings, the wonderful martial art scenes and the special effects display, and escorted the sweet plots and the protagonists of the protagonists. The actress Huang Tianyu plays in the play and is one of the twelve star owners of Sagittarius, known as the "walking knight." He is sometimes humorous, and sometimes dark and overbearing, but not tender. The West Wind is fierce and loyal, and in the face of the enemy's willingness to be poisoned by pots, it will not be surrendered. The masculinity of its bones will show how to look forward to.


Actress Huang Tianyu graduated from the 12th-level undergraduate class at the Beijing Film Academy. He was praised by the teacher for his solid performance and professional performance. In addition to this, Huang Tianyu also learned Chinese dance and spoken English while performing. In pursuit of perfection, he always strives to enrich himself and try his best. Despite being still young on the actor's road, Huang Tianyu, who has performed many works, is loved and praised by the director and co-actors, and the costumes starred in by Oscar Sun and Yue Xi An are infatuated through the suspense comedy “ Concubine ”. Zhou Xingshui, the athletic campus youth and TV drama “The E-sports era” in which Woody Allen , a bully-good-for-nothing fighter, and Qian Su’s Xiao Su in “Special Forces King”, have constantly challenged themselves and created wonderful ones after another. Character. The zealous interpretation of the West Wind in "Oh My Majesty's Majesty," believes that it will give the audience a different kind of wonderfulness. Actress Huang Tianyu will continue to work hard and the future will come.

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