Huang Yi's dissatisfaction with Huang Yi (actress)'s behavior was revealed on Weibo's Huang Yi (actress) private wedding photos

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Huang Yi's dissatisfaction with Huang Yi (actress) 's exposure on Weibo Huang Yi (actress) In private photo recently, some netizens saw Huang Yi's micro-blog late in the night. The content was shocked, and Huang Yi was criticized. Huang Yi's content on Weibo was about the court punishing and expressing dissatisfaction with the behavior of Huang Yi (actress) behind the knife, but his words were sharp, but the picture was a privacy photograph of Huang Yi (actress). This Weibo was deleted by Huang Yi soon after it was sent.




Huang Yiqing’s microblog has attracted many netizens’ dissatisfaction. The netizen stated that the three views collapsed and accused Huang Yi Qing of sympathizing with Huang Yi (actress).



Huang Yi and Huang Yi (actress) Marriage has been a constant topic, and during the marriage of the two people, Huang Yi Qing was blasted against Huang Yi (actress). Since the divorce, the two have been arguing with each other because of their children's problems. The war has never stopped. In 2008, Huang Yi (actress) v. Huang Yi's clear reputation and privacy dispute won the first trial. Huang Yi Qing was sentenced to publicly apologize to Huang Yi (actress) and compensate Huang Yi (actress). It is reported that Huang Yi cleared this action because it was less than a month under the court's decision and Huang Yi (actress) applied for court enforcement, which caused Huang Yi's dissatisfaction.


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