Huang Yi (actress) ex-husband proclaims Su Ma: clean up pgone clean up you!

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As Li Xiaolu 's girlfriend, Su Ma in this Li Xiaolu pgone derailed storm experience can be described as a real "a person sitting at home, pot from heaven." Initially after the derailment storm was exposed, Su Ma issued a statement wanting to help Li Xiaolu. As a result, Li Xiaolu deported indirectly because of loopholes. Later said in an interview wronged, saying that he just saw what he saw, and the others did not know it. But apparently no audience buy it, especially Huang Yi (actress) ex-husband Huang Yi clear Jia Xiaailu after Jia Nailiang issued a document on the issue of derailment, microblogging published a pgone personal information and family circumstances, but also with the propaganda Su Ma: If you do not want the end Was exposed, was blocked SARFT, hurried to apologize for their lies, or the next to clean up you.



 Su Ma pgone

Huang Yi-Qing is so sure that the public @ Su Ma appears to have mastered the real hammer, only to be disclosed. In the end, what kind of Mengliao would like to eat melon seeds is also looking forward to witness the bustling event. Because of Jia Nailiang, there are netizens who have turned Huang Yi into blackmail. Others say Huang Yi is obviously objectively judged on anything other than Huang Yi (actress). " Especially in the pgone matter, Huang Yi Qing absolutely is the audience's largest assists, and now pgone become shouting across the street mice, and even CCTV News, People's Network are openly accused pgone, performance was changed, endorsement was terminated , The trip was canceled, almost all the country are blocking pgone. This time, Huang Yi Qing mastered what Su Ma real hammer, things will be how to develop, what other material is waiting for us, maybe Huang Yi Qing will soon become a "Discipline Inspection Commission" entertainment, there are friends Said, "You are so naked! Su Ma, it is estimated that the horse is pretty and can not sit still, I am afraid you are overwhelmed with money."

 Su Ma


In the case of Jia Nailiang, Huang Yi Qing also stood by Jia Nailiang, a brother who once had a common encounter. "For the troops to follow me and not to harass their father and daughter, quiet is the best comfort to them! "

 Huang Yi 清微博

 Su Ma

Now for Jia Nailiang, no comfort is useless, at the moment, just want to say: what will be the past, dad cheer. If not Huang Yi Qing and Huang Yi (actress) those who tear the past, I'm afraid Huang Yi won applause early in the morning. Huang Yi became the clearest onlookers of Jia Nailiang being green.

 Huang Yi 清

Su Ma microblogging fell completely after Huang Yi cleared Su Ma this morning. Eat melon people have propaganda "Someone to check you, you are afraid of?"


As of press time, Su Ma did not respond to the propaganda of Huang Yi (actress), and it is estimated that privately he had long been a hot-pot ants looking for public relations. After all, There is no secret to withstand the blasting material. This time, Huang Yi Qing will not really grasp the Su Ma's expected, perhaps on Monday will be able to see the outcome.

 Su Ma

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