Zeng li turned into an ambassador of south wen song

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Linkeddb News November 12 "Classic southern song · lasting hangzhou" south 2018 Wen Song The end of the festival party in the great hall of the people in zhejiang province, a wonderful audio-visual feast presented. I enjoyed the court music and dance of the southern song dynasty, watched the battle drums and thunder in the battle field, watched the unique guqin playing, and felt the prosperous scene of the country of harmony Zeng Li ,Liu Ye (actor)On the stage together, they kept the tacit understanding of their old classmates, and recited "song yun hang qu" to the chorus accompaniment of 30 children. Zeng Li andLiu Ye (actor)'s performance in this gala, in which Oriental characteristics and international breath take on each other.

The show, which is centered on Wen Song to the south, is full of unexpected novelty. For example, there is no host for the whole party, which is connected naturally by large screen projection subtitles and voiceover. Zeng Li andLiu Ye (actor)just play the role of series connection, and arouse the warm atmosphere of the whole court. Zeng Li opted for a sleek, simple white off-the-shoulder dress and a pair of black over-the-knee boots. Such appearance is full of modern atmosphere but not exaggerated, atmospheric, elegant, and just reflect her longing for the natural integration of ancient and modern culture. Zeng Li, as we know, is the Talent The modern look in the movie is like a jade. Gu Jian Qi Tan 2 Fu qing jiao in the book is called Stay with my mom "The summer of independent women who fought overseas This is actor Zeng Li. Surprisingly, actor Zeng Li has a talent for reading! Zeng Li graduated from the prestigious "middle drama class 96", she and Zhang Ziyi , Ting Mei , Quan Yuan , Qin Hailu , Jing Hu , Candy ,Lee Min ho -And become the drama "eight gold flowers". Zeng Li, a former professional host who is responsible for his looks as the "beauty queen" and his outstanding students, showed his talent by joining hands with his former classmate Liu Ye (actor).

It is reported that the realistic drama series" In the distance Zeng Li andLiu Ye (actor)of hangzhou nanwen Song promotion ambassador also got a job offer this time. Zeng Li said he was glad to be involved in the "story of today" in hangzhou, a magical city, and honored to be the promotion ambassador of nanwen Song in hangzhou. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get to know more about colorful hangzhou through the show "In the distance". Currently, the TV series "In the distance" is also In hot filming. What kind of role and performance will Zeng Li play In all the mysterious characters? Let's look forward to Zeng Li and his old classmates Liu Ye (actor), Ting Mei and old friends Yili Ma , Jianfeng Bao Surprise collision between! Waiting for the shooting, waiting for zhejiang satellite TV and dragon TV, looking forward to the broadcast of "In the distance". Zeng Li will present many works for you next year, and each one will be dazzling. Notes from the south smoke room "" Soulmate Let's look forward to every performance by actor Zeng Li.

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