Better to marry well than to look well! after she became zhang fengyi's daughter-in-law, the contract continued."

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The latest hit During the day the legend of white snake In the film, the crane is praised by the audience for its fresh temperament, tranquil and gentle. I believe many people are deeply impressed after seeing it. And the crane plays a very big role, she is Zhang Fengyi and Lu Liping Daughter-in-law, -- Moxi Zhang .


Moxi Zhang was born in a science class and graduated from the director department of the central academy of drama. She is beautiful, sweet, fresh and elegant.


Early on, she appeared in blood brothers CrossFire "And so on, and in the play are small characters. In 2014,Moxi Zhangstarred in "make life bright," in which he played Lu Liping's daughter-in-law, because of the drama,Moxi Zhangand Lu Liping Zhang Boyu Tie the knot and become Lu Liping's real daughter-in-law.



Zhang Boyu is the son ofZhang Fengyiand Lu Liping, who remarriedZhang Boyuafter their divorce Sun Haiying Sun Haiying has also long regardedZhang Boyuas her own. Moxi Zhang's marriage toZhang Boyuwas not blessed by his father-in-law, Zhang Fengyi, and the couple's wedding was not attended by Zhang Fengyi. However, Sun Haiying, Zhang Boyu's stepfather, was very satisfied with the daughter-in-law.


It is a wise choice forMoxi Zhangto marry Zhang Boyu. After all, both her father-in-law and mother-in-law are heavyweight predecessors in the entertainment industry. They will help her in her career and bring her a lot of good resources. This is not Moxi Zhang's subsequent cooperation Wallace re-arrest -- , Zi Yang, In the Battle of according to ", back to partner Dong Jin In the Surgical Storm ", which left a deep impression on the audience.


In fact, Moxi Zhang's own conditions are very good, and his performance is also outstanding. There may be many reasons whyMoxi Zhangdid not catch fire in his five or six years of service. I hope that with the help of his father-in-law,Moxi Zhangwill bring us more excellent works.


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