Just for the sake of stephen chow, who has been around for 15 years, andy lau wants to worship him as a teacher!

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To quote Stephen Chow He's been around for 15 years. Andy Lau Want to worship him as a teacher!

When it comes to martial arts stars, you probably think about it Jet Li , Jackie Chan , Donnie Yen And so on. But today's protagonist, who only reported to Stephen Chow for a meal, stayed with him for 15 years. However, even Andy Lau, one of the four biggest stars, wanted to worship him as a mentor. Yes, he is Xing Yu, the martial arts star that Stephen Chow pocketed.

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Xing Yu, born in an ordinary family in shandong province, whose father and brother are both police officers, KungFuHustle actor from China.

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In 1982, Jet Li starred in the debut film TheShaolinTemple, which broke the box office record of chinese-language films in mainland China. In the KungFuHustle film TheShaolinTemple, Jet Li's martial arts prowess was on full display, as was his fresh and polished image. Jet Li shot to fame as a martial arts star, becoming the idol of a generation and influencing a generation's devotion and worship of martial arts. Xing Yu is one of them, and an activist. Xing Yu, 12, is determined to study in shaolin despite her family's objections. Although he entered shaolin a little twists and turns, but through unremitting efforts he paid homage to the famous master fu xiwu, was given the dharma xing yu. During his studies, he also traveled around the world on behalf of TheShaolinTemple's sangha for KungFuHustle performances and friendly visits.

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It wasn't until 2003 that TheShaolinTemple, best known for his legwork, was recommended to interview Stephen Chow's film KungFuHustle. Stephen Chow is a notoriously strict director in the entertainment industry, and Xing Yu was lucky to be left behind after being screened. It is said that the martial artist who tested his martial arts skills at that time, he was sent to the hospital with a kick. It can be seen that he is skilled in martial arts.

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Stephen Chow's "KungFuHustle" is also a classic film. Xing Yu entered the entertainment industry as a coolie in the first film "KungFuHustle". After filming, Stephen Chow planned to sign a contract with him, and he readily agreed, much to the surprise of Chow. And then asked him why? Xing Yu answered in four words: one meal of the grace. As it turns out, when he first stepped into the entertainment industry, the star didn't take him for a no-name, dining with a-listers like star mogul Sammo Hung. Xing Yu was impressed by the meal, and remained loyal to him for 15 years.

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In the '90s, Stephen Chow and Jackie Chan as wellChow Yun - fatKnown as the double Monday, it is difficult to get their favor. Xing Yu was also lucky to be appreciated by Stephen Chow. Then, Xing Yu played a significant role in many films under the recommendation of xingye, just like the movie IpMan ", "new TheShaolinTemple" and "JourneytotheWest: ConqueringtheDemons" and so on. It is said that when he was filming the new TheShaolinTemple with Andy Lau, he was admired by Andy Lau and once wanted to worship him as a teacher.

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Xing Yu is serious and responsible for every role in the entertainment circle. He has been in the circle for more than ten years and has never used a double, which is one of the important reasons why he can go from a supporting role to a leading role. In the world of movies, the director of action movies praised him. Chow has been with Stephen Chow for more than a decade. He's here whenever he wants. This is probably the sentimental value of Xing Yu.

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