The Legends of Monkey King' Diversity Episode Introduction (1-45)

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The TV series "The Legends of Monkey King" diversity introduction (1-45)

The Legends of Monkey King is a costume drama jointly produced by Shanghai World Culture Media Co., Ltd., Youku, and Tangde Film and Television, directed by Chun-Man Wong, etc., led by Raymond Lam and Jiang Mengjie , Kenji Wu , Jin Akanishi , and Cheng. Yanqiu , Wang Ziyun , Yue Yueli , Fengyan Zong , Xiongyuting , Angelina Jiang , Zheng Tong Yuan , Chi Shuai , Cheryl Yang , Liu wave and others starred.

"The Legends of Monkey King" was broadcast on Jul. 3, 2018 at the Amphitheater at the Golden Theater. It told us that the monkeys broke the stone 300 years in advance. He was not willing to make arrangements for the fate and insisted on changing the future. Struggle against fate.


The Legends of Monkey King basic information:

Chinese name The Legends of Monkey King

The Legends of Monkey King

Production time 2017

Production company World Video Media, Youku, Tangde Film and Television

Production Area China Mainland

Location Hengdian Distribution Company Shanghai Shixiang Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Director Chun-Man Wong Tat Chiu Lee Chi Wai Laam Li Weiji

Screenplay Shuai Yuan Xu Hui

Presented by Raymond Lam, Jiang Mengjie, Kenji Wu, Jin Akanishi, Cheng Yanqiu, Wang Ziyun, Yue Yueli, Zheng Tong Yuan, Angelina Jiang, Chi Shuai, Fengyan Zong

Set of 45 sets

Each set is 45 minutes in length

Type costumes, tactics, counter-war

Online play platform Youku

Editor Cai Yuling


The Legends of Monkey King Plot introduction:

In the Heavenly Path, the monkey (Raymond Lam) made a stone break in three hundred years in advance and the monkey who survived was embarked on the path of searching for immortality. He died on the road to seeking immortality. Fortunately, the Atlantic canary (Angelina Jiang) saved his life and the monkeys promised to resurrect the Atlantic canary. In order to realize his promise, the monkeys practised the apprenticeship all the way. During this period, the monkeys were intimidated by innocent wind chimes (Cheng Yanqiu ornaments) and aloof Gao Yang (Jiang Mengjie ornaments). They were also involved in the confrontation between the demon and the heavenly courts. He also started the game with the Sasbati patriarch and Taishang Laojun. The bloody battles with the heavens made him the ultimate invincible saint. However, he once again watched the reincarnation of the children's reincarnation wind chime in front of him. It was full of hatred and he took the golden cudgel to the heaven.


The Legends of Monkey King Cast List:

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The Legends of Monkey King Related Information:

"The Legends of Monkey King" first exposed the "Fighting Three Realms" version of the film Raymond Lam to ignite the spirit of bloody monkeys

“The Legends of Monkey King” tells the story of the monkey’s tough growth from the stepping stone monkeys to the heavenly gods. Today (September 25th), "The Legends of Monkey King," the first "Fighting Three Realms" version of the film was formally exposed. In the film, the golden hoop made a shock to the ground, and a pair of bloody monkeys laid the tone for blood and shock. Winds and snow, thousands of miles of sand, monkeys asked the road a thousand hardships and dangers, the loss of Chella (Angelina Jiang ornaments) is the monkey's initial motivation. In the Palace of the Sacrifice, the Three Kingdoms began to see a sinister nature. On Huaguoshan Mountain, Wei Wang was known for his name. He dared to fight against millions of soldiers and the monkey's unyielding and growing up in the piece of flowers.


At the same time, the unforgettable triads in the preview also completely mobilized the mood of the audience. The Monkeys alone saw the Divine Dragons of the Dragon Kings, the Lvjun Zhantian Bing, and the Battle of the Four Kings at the scene. . At the same time, monkeys, canopies (Kenji Wu ornaments), and Yang Hao (Jin Akanishi ornaments) were the same. They grew up in different circumstances, rivals and friends, and fought each other. Three mature men starred. Every move and sly look attracts the attention of the audience. "I would rather die than admit defeat" is the creed of the monkey after it has survived the Three Realms. The monkey shouldered the expectations of the demon and monsters of Huaguoshan and resisted the causality that had been sown by Heaven. He could only enter and no way to retreat on the road, so he took a good shot and broke through. At the end of the film, the monkey incarnates the demon monkey in an angry form and flies into the sky. The phrase “All three circles, no one wants to live” is murderous and vibrating, and the image of a surly monkey king appears in front of the audience. There was a strong curiosity about the development of the plot, and there was a lot of suspense.

In addition, the emotion lines of the monkeys have also been demonstrated. For the monkey, Yang Hao (Jiang Mengjie), who repeatedly violated his elder brother and violated heavenly rules, was able to live with the monkey for life? What will the wind chime (Cheng Yanqiu ornaments) for the monkey silently follow? What will be involved in the reincarnation of the bird with an early sacrifice? The exposure of the “Great Holy Prophet” also doubled the expectations of the audience.


West tour makeup awakens Westward feelings, "The Legends of Monkey King" and the Digital Kingdom in good faith to polish special effects

In addition to the rendition of the actor's performance, this section of the film also depends on exquisite makeup and stunning special effects. In the film, up to the six demon kings, down to the ordinary demon all, have a very special effects of the West-style makeup makeup, at the same time, the crew spent huge sums of money to build the Sacred bamboo gate, Tianhe battleship, Huaguoshan, Shuiliandong and other scenes It makes the visual appearance more realistic and awakens many viewers' feelings of traveling westward. "The Legends of Monkey King" is presented in a combination of real-world construction and virtual effects, in which special effects are produced by the "Digital Kingdom".

The Digital Kingdom has produced visual effects for a number of Hollywood blockbusters, such as Transformers and The Fate of the Furious . The Legends of Monkey King is the first digital collaboration with Chinese TV dramas as a feature of oriental features. The Digital Kingdom will also be tailor-made for The Legends of Monkey King. In the film, the grand and majestic temples and immortal mountains are very eye-catching, confirming the strength of the digital kingdom. At the same time, the producer of “The Legends of Monkey King” also stated that as a film and television drama with great effects, the visual appearance of “The Legends of Monkey King” must not be comparable to that of big screen movies, but “ The Legends of Monkey King will offer its audience a high-quality work with the best of Western style.

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