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Linkeddb News November 15 & have spent Hua Dan and qing yi are a part of Chinese opera Dan xing. What film and television industry calls "popular hua Dan" and "strength qing yi" are also terms borrowed from the opera. In simple terms, most of the actors played by hua Dan are innocent and cheerful young women. Liang Jie "," Mini Yang ", while tsing yi usually ACTS as a lady or a general girl, such as" Yi Song "," Jiarong Lv "And so on.

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Liang Jie" The Eternal Love 2 "" the most promising popularity flower

Liang Jie still plays The heroine in The Eternal Love 2, which is The return of The Eternal Love of The original generation. Though it doesn't have to be divided into two parts this time, Liang Jie, who has always been highly demanding, said that he has been constantly adjusting himself in The performance and was accepted naturally happy, but his efforts are endless. As the dark horse of the network drama, the series has been praised as a popular and fruitful festival. Liang Jie, the female protagonist, is praised as "the most promising and popular flower woman".

2 Liang Jie

Yi Sun Every single one of the works of "liangsheng" dazzles the audience

Currently, the urban emotion TV drama"Liang sheng, can we not be sad"Yi Sun" is a leading role in the drama. Both the exciting plot, high-quality casting and complex emotional presentation are the reasons for the heated attention and discussion of the play. While Yi Sun's works in recent years have been shown to the audience one after another. Each work has been presented to the audience and the performance of each work has been improved.

3. Yi Sun every work of liangsheng gives the audience a flash of brightness. JPG

Yi Song "forensic mind" simple and capable style more valiant

In 2018, Yi Song's "bumper year", "Yi Song acting" and other key words were searched widely, which became the topic focus. Age of entrepreneurship Just finish and forensic mind, also is underway in the shooting, recently, it exposes the first wave of stills, Yi Song in the play as a female one, play a dutiful Interpol captain ROM cartridge, still in the Yi Song eyes firm, working environment, or holding a gun was lost, or details can be broken to the mining, an air of calm in tension, a simple capable of modelling more spirited.

4. Yi Song

Jiarong Lv" My nanny handbook "" take the bull by the horns" "senior agent

Is optimal heat play drama "My nanny faced" playback volume has more than 550 million times, Jiarong Lv plays LanLan is an artist "difficulty", a senior agent, at work, she, in the face of unexpected events, she is in an orderly way, even her modelling is constant in the play "dress show", each set of professional wear has highlighted the role of the steady and cool.

5.Jiarong Lv

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