Yi song's cheongsam jiarong lv's cheongsam viann's cheongsam who do you wear the most?

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Linkeddb News November 12 & have spent Qipao is the most distinctive dress of Chinese culture, and is a synonym of dignified and elegant temperament. In the entertainment industry, can perfectly control the qipao actress is called with "true temperament"! More than a few people think that only the cheongsam is the only standard to test the female figure. Today, we will take a look at the intoxicating female cheongsam in the entertainment industry: Yi Song , Jiarong Lv , Viann

1. Yi Song's cheongsam Jiarong Lv's cheongsam Viann's cheongsam. JPG

Yi Song dignified atmosphere deserves to be called "qipao goddess"

At first, she fell in love with Yi Song because of yu manli in TheRinger. In the play, her qipao look is very amazing, which really interprets the colorful connotation of her. Wearing a qipao, Yi Song has a unique charm and gives people full visual enjoyment, so that it has been called "qipao goddess" by netizens. Recently, on the stage of "I am the actor", Yi Song changed into a fresh and elegant qipao again and amazed everyone. This qipao looks very simple and elegant, only with some petals to be modified, but under Yi Song's exquisite five features, this qipao wears out the feeling of our guixiu, the whole shows the dignified atmosphere, which makes the net user shout straight: worthy of a qipao goddess!

2. Yi Song dignified atmosphere deserves to be called

Jiarong Lv's white lace cheongsam is pure and graceful

Jiarong Lv can be regarded as a kind of actress with good quality in the entertainment circle. She has her own unique style in her usual modeling, and her qipao is also a weapon of concave styling. Jiarong Lv made a graceful appearance in a white lace qipao at the scene of an event, and people were attracted by him as soon as he appeared. This cheongsam does not need too much decoration, just the lace fabric of the cheongsam can give people a "like a pipa half cover" feeling. Jiarong Lv's curves are revealed in this simple and stylish qipao, which also Outlines her gentle elegance. Add pure white color to make Jiarong Lv have a kind of pure and elegant temperament, your person is intoxicated.

3. Jiarong Lv white lace cheongsam is pure and graceful. JPG

Viann's red cheongsam presents high beauty

Also appearing on the "I am the actor" stage in a stunning qipao, Viann. Viann herself has the advantage of being thin and tall with a proud "S" curve. On the stage of "I am the actor", Viann wore a red cheongsam that attracted the eyes. This cheongsam was very attractive, and the whole cheongsam was decorated with a lot of flowers to give people a sense of nobility. At the same time, the cut of Viann's qipao is very scheming. The wide slit of the skirt shows its perfect figure curve and a pair of big long legs, performing a breathtaking advanced beauty! & have spent

4. Viann red cheongsam presents advanced beauty. JPG

Yi Song, Jiarong Lv, Viann's qipao style who do you wear most?

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