The five hundred neighbours of hengsheng 1 estate are under the' popular idol 'zhu ting (page)

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Linkeddb News October 25

Zhu Ting (volleyball) is under scrutiny after the return of the king

When the topic of "I'm looking forward to Zhu Ting" was released, national icon Zhu Ting was back to zheng again. As soon as the news got out, not only the hundreds of owners of the estate actively participated in it, but also the fans of Zhu Ting all over the country. On October 25, hundreds of guests and fans gathered at the marketing center of hengsheng no.1 estate.

This time, it was different for Zhu Ting to go home, and for the activity site, he took his family and friends along with him. At the event, Zhu Ting (volleyball) unveiled a new house with his family and signed a decoration agreement.

This means Zhu Ting (volleyball) and his family are going to live in the no.1 estate and start the life of the estate. He went abroad from his farm family in zhoukou to his hometown in henan province. Getting used to struggling on the court, what does Zhu Ting (volleyball) think of the ideal home?


Zhu Ting (volleyball) same model blooming, customization champion ideal home

Maybe Zhu Ting didn't think much about it himself. After all, Zhu Ting devoted his ten years to the motherland He Saifei farm and gained a lot of world. Therefore, as the "big parent" of all the owners, no. 1 estate is specially invited to design new Chinese sample room tailored for Zhu Ting (volleyball) except for the family dinner of "I am looking for a hot pot". Besides, it is also the ideal home of the champion. It is really designed for Zhu Ting (volleyball) from the perspectives of home living space, comfort and family living atmosphere to perfectly interpret what a champion ideal house should look like.

She also expressed thanks to her neighbours for giving her "good luck". Zhu Ting (vol.1) was more outspoken and praised for her love of the scenery and living atmosphere of the no.1 manor. We got the news that the new season of Zhu Ting (volleyball) is about to start. Everyone shouted loudly for Zhu Ting (volleyball), and everyone was surrounded by warm and warm emotions.


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Earnings, regional dividends + city zhengzhou:

& have spent & have spent & have spent Zheng xinrong city, from the "cross-river development" planning directive proposed by prime minister ke-li Miao in 2003, to the work report of ten provincial party congress in 2016. Zhengzhou, xinxiang into the city life!

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent In June 2017, dahe daily carried a full-page report on the implementation plan of henan province's construction of central plains city cluster. It is pointed out that the tongcheng orientation of plain new district -- as the emerging growth center of zhengzhou, to build a new activity city with a population of 1.5 million according to the scale of medium cities, and to build rail transit and carry out traffic interconnection.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent In fact, plain new district has never stopped promoting traffic links with zhengzhou. The east third ring road was successfully opened to traffic, overturning zheng's new travel time. It is also expected that the new section of the zhengji high-speed railway plain will be started first, and there will be the northern extension of line 2 in the future. The guandu River Huang bridge opens in 2019; Dragon and phoenix under the tunnel; Zheng xin intercity light rail and some other lines of traffic benefit, rushing to.

Support and value-added potential:

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent At the same time, plain new district is also gathering high-quality education, commercial and medical resources to truly realize the city of life with zhengzhou. At present, the new plain area, surrounded by the starting area of fenghu lake, has the best education supporting facilities, the branch of zhengzhou foreign language plain, and has been recruited and put into use since 2016. There are also such schools as fengye bear kindergarten, binhe primary school and sanquan college of xinxiang medical college, covering the whole age education system.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent In terms of commercial facilities, plain new district has a famous national "wangfujing department store", as well as Venetian business covering five star hotels, conference center, water park and commercial street. Believe that with these commercial city living resources, will bring the peak popularity.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent In terms of medical facilities, plain new district has signed a contract with provincial people's hospital in August 2016, and invested 2 billion to build a third-class hospital with more than 1,000 beds and equipped with modern medical equipment.

Catering and champion are adjacent + circles:

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Thousand gold buy house, ten thousand gold buy neighbor! For high-end residents, the residence is more bearing "circle value" and "spiritual attribute".

As a scarce product, manor 1 is adjacent to Zhu Ting (volleyball), building an ideal home for the city's elite, top tier. By virtue of the beautiful estate environment, superior quality of the compound, as well as the property brand - Cambridge property. Every year spends ten million to the landscape unceasingly upgrades, creates the good living environment which the owner lives truly for the whole life!

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