Office' Vietnam Fire Raquel's Road to Black Point

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Recently adapted from Sylvia Chang 's play "The Life and Survival of Office" by Boyu Zhang , People also ask , Chan Suk-Yin screenplay, Zhang Han , Choo Ja-hyun , Raquel and other urban inspirational emotional dramas " Office ” officially broadcast in Vietnam, broadcast began to be popular with the Vietnamese audience favorite, bursting with popularity, and the network outflow of the drama is also Vietnamese dubbing and no Chinese subtitles, but still caused the attention of many Chinese users and sought after.

There is no drama resource in "Office" China

The TV series “Office” is mainly based on the inspirational work of the rookie Li Xiang (Zhang Han ornaments) and the company’s female general manager Zhang Wei (played by Choo Ja-hyun). It describes an advertising company under the global “financial Tsunami ” environment. The story of encounters, contradictions, and choices among various classes of people in the office. It is reported that the show was premiered in Vietnam. China does not have any episodic resources and wants to watch only the Vietnamese version. This phenomenon has caused many netizens to lose and strongly expect the play to air in the mainland.

In the drama, after the 90s, Xiaoqing Raquel plays advertising company Patsy Ka Ling , who is a glamorous, intelligent and ambitious advertising director. Her glamorous fashion, vanity , and gestures exude the elegance and self-confidence of the workplace beauty. Intimidated, super arrogant and full of charisma, and understand the perverse beauty of the white-collar beauty, she attracted the attention of Wu Chao , won the Sun Qiang dead follower, only in her favorite high Shuaizhong Ping kicked the iron plate .

Anti-Raquel elegant and confident to crash back

It is difficult to see Zhang Ping, the new general manager, facing his own imaginary and vicious snake. For this reason alone, Zhang Wei has become Patsy Ka Ling’s biggest enemy. In Patsy Ka Ling’s heart, he also has a ambition to climb up. Zhang Wei who pressed her was obviously the biggest stumbling block. Since then, Patsy Ka Ling has begun to give Zhang Wei the process of framed and framed. Raquel's performance has attracted much attention as an incomparable number in the play. From the early elegance and self-confidence to the counterattack that chased love failure, Patsy Ka Ling's step-by-step blackening became a major attraction in the play.

Raquel, who has continued to break through his work in recent years, relies on her efforts to make the audience aware of the plasticity of her. From her daddy Shen Jiawen in the hit drama "Yu Z UI " to the double-sided undercover in the movie " Chasing The Dragon ". Rose (Flower), Raquel proved himself with his works and acting skills, and she will also broadcast many works this year, such as the movie "Tattoo - Western Horizon", " Hong Kong's richest man ", etc., so stay tuned.

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