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Online circulated a "Young don't work hard, the boss turned brocade carp", to describe the forward for those who rely on the brocade carp to change the fate of the people, especially the recent letter a weibo ID named "stay" netizens are paying treasure to smoke in the sky-high prize, in a piece of envy envy hate netizens success was "arrangement" desultory life, in addition to the son of the "chosen", in the entertainment industry are also known as "live brocade carp", respectivelyMr Yang, the more, Zhu Yi Long and Jiarong Lv What's so amazing about these three koi bodies?

1. Zhu Yi Long Yang chao yue Jiarong lv.jpg

Zhu Yi Long was called a black koi Fan: this is a personal attack!

Others are treated as live brocade carp, but actor Zhu Yi Long don't walk unusual road, good carry to incredibly scold into "black brocade carp" on the net, fans also have never thought, the European and American circles tips should be up to no good with Zhu Yi Long, through the reproach and curse to make a wish, good luck is nothing but a loss, even for Zhu Yi Long caused the personal attack. Because of network drama" Guardian "Zhu Yi Long, who has been popular recently, has been popular, and the" black koi "incident has been popular.

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Forwarding "xueshen" Yang chaoyue Lying down to win is never a dream

Ball in the talent show, Mr Yang the although there is no solid strength, even by the netizen group of mockery, attack, but his career to the final is still high, has been living in order to "god" of brocade carp, as long as it is to study, work or in life have a forward to expect a Zhang Yang (director) beyond the "map" vows, more amazing is that there really many netizens to "Thanksgiving", they are mostly examination, prizes or wish was granted in the smoke, more students start forwarding Mr Yang more photos, just to test well, It seems that Yang chao more and more net friends believe that "lie win from now on is not a dream"!

3. Forwarding

Jiarong Lv named lucky koi

Jiarong Lv, an actress who has been burning hot in recent years, has been dubbed "lucky koi" by netizens. It is believed that by forwarding her photos, people can make themselves "fall in love" and "seek advantages and avoid disasters", all because of Jiarong Lv's previous two years in the palace drama "Jiarong Lv".Ruyi's Royal Love in the PalaceLost out in the casting, but took over as the main drama by accident. Executive Sword Jiarong Lv, who starred in Executive Sword, became popular and popular. Netizens and fans have described Jiarong Lv's experience as a "blessing in disguise" and she has proved that she indeed has a "koi physique".

4. Jiarong Lv named

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