Episode: 40 Area: China Mainland
Stars: WHITE WHITE Zhu Yi Long More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Yuan Zhou Zhou Year: 2018
Writer: Fangzhou Ye Genre: Fantasy | Suspense


"Guardian" around the soul of the town so that the main Zhao YunLan and soul to Shen Shen launched to the main line of the four saints described the two together to protect the peace between the two circles. "Guardian" adapted from Jinjiang literary station station writer standings ranked first popular writer Priest's novel of the same name, around the overhead of the huge worldview, rich unit cases, sorrowful brotherhood in order to build a Chinese philosophy and the American science fiction Rigorous and flexible new "Chinese soft fantasy style" boutique. Guo ZhangCheng is a kind of "little white" who is kind and does not speak well in the description of the novel. It continuously learns and advances in a series of cases that impact on three concepts and finally experiences growth along with the team. Just look at the introduction and character set to feel "burning and warming", and Xin Peng's character posters out of a one-sided support was praised by users "very stable."

Plot Summary>>

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