Off the list of emergency' released today Dong Zijian counterattack Elane Zhong Jessie Li

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Produced by Drama Films, Beijing Culture, Millet Films, Sanle Films, DMG, Land Films, Piao Tickets, Songde Film and Television, Non-Yang Entertainment, Poly Films, and Mage Films, produced by Leste Chen . Kevin Ko directed, Ren Peng screenwriter, Dong Zijian , Elane Zhong , Jessie Li 's romantic comedy " Off the list of emergency ", officially officially released nationwide today.

Earlier in the dot mapping, "Off the list of emergency" was praised as "walking the kidney and taking the heart". Some people in the comedy watched it happily. The love part made people feel jealous. Comedy sense of proportion, combined with a well-designed love boxing, "shows a rare high-grade texture." On April 20th, on the day of the release of the film, the film party again released the “most beautiful confession” special feature. In the special edition, the audience aged at least 3 years old and the audience with a maximum of 68 years of age were eager to talk about their confession stories. At the same time, the movie's three major points of view are all decrypted.

Watch one:

Laughter extract! Dong Zijian's team leader wets, shakes his chest and hunts to create a younger version of his predecessor.

"Off the list of emergency", comedy. In the film, Dong Zijian, under the guidance of the fraternity group, intends to stage a good show against the goddess of the counterattack. However, in the process, there are countless jokes in the process.

The thought of playing the wet temptation of dog's blood, the result was bruised and slapped with formalin. Bar special training soaking technique, the result only chatter and another one. The straight men's team's hunting record is simply a joke, and every place is a funny scene.

In the association with the girls, the loss friend group headed by Dong Zijian also offered countless jokes. Male toilet zipper doors, software about artillery doors, local green hats and other incidents emerge in an endless stream, always teasing the viewer's gang, training the abdominal muscles. What's more, besides this, scenes of playful slapsticks between boys, including the bathroom's "candid encounters" scene, are also extremely exciting and confusing.

For the film's "Laughing Fruit," Bai Baihe , who had seen the film at the premiere, resented it. "Long time no laughter is so easy to be happy." And Dong Zijian said frankly that this time he appeared in a pure comedy for the first time. "I hope it is not deliberate. The way to make a laugh, but when I say something you want to laugh, or when I'm serious, everyone laughs.” He still remembers deliberately that although the film is “easy and humorous,” we’re not on the market. Kind of spoof comedy."

Watch two:

The surprise confession "This girl is a little weird" Elane Zhong creates the mainland version of " My Sassy Girl "

As Dong Zijian said, the key to “Off the list of emergency” is different from the spoof of comedy. It is because the comedy part makes people happy. The love part makes people worry. In addition to the massive joke of the Men's Straight Men's Troops, the film's love-for-love passage is very good.

The character Guan Xin played by Elane Zhong teaches He Xiaoyang's love tutorial by Dong Zijian. She categorizes the pursuit of girls as five parts: meeting, communicating, pursuing, testing, and advertising. It depends on integrity and logic. However, as the end of the film, Dong Zijian said, "All good encounters have never been met, all the best pursuits have never been deliberately arranged, and all accurate calculations have never been more than ours." It is precisely because of the "true" variable in the calculation of love that the direction of the film's later stage exceeds everyone's expectation. The goddesses Elane Zhong and Jessie Li both shed tears and Dong Zijian finally chose love. Really make people worry.

The character goddess Elane Zhong was evaluated as “a bit strange” from the beginning, and to follow the plot layer by layer, also demonstrated her “savvy girlfriend” appearance under the “soft heart”, just as the critics Chu Mufeng Say, "Off the list of emergency" is a bit of the mainland version of " American Pie " and the mainland version of "My Sassy Girl". He Xiaoyang asked Guan Xin, "Why do you care so much about how others think of you and how do you say it?" We, who are 18 or 9 years old, who are not in the opinion and evaluation of the accident scene? Who can completely complete the maverick, single-minded and only do themselves? It seems to be impossible. The heart of love in the movie and the sincerity of growing up also just confirms the phrase that Elane Zhong kept talking about in the interview. Perhaps the best routine is true.

Watch three:

Spring Qualification Leste Chen Kevin Ko Joins Hands to Create Growth Guide with Hormonal Flavors

In addition to being happy and obsessed, the place where “Off the list of emergency” is tempting is that the film brings out the theme of growth. Just as the director Kevin Ko said, "When discussing with the writer, I hope that this movie will not only allow people to see things but also have something to grow about." In the film, both the steel straight men's team led by He Xiaoyang, Guan Xin and Shu Li Shu have grown up through this story, and finally made a choice between what the outside world has imposed on their own labels and sincerity. Just as the famous movie blogger “Mr. Honor” stated, the three characters have one thing in common: that is, they are highly regarded. Regardless of whether they are good or bad, they are all labeled by the so-called outside world as not belonging to themselves. Rather than off the list of emergency, it is better to find oneself. In the pursuit of love, it is an ordinary person's test field to discover his true colors.

In the road of growth and love, Dong Zijian, Elane Zhong, Jessie Li starred in the subversion also received praise. Director Kevin Ko commented that Dong Zijian had a sense of power in his heart and was an actor with a sense of division. Elane Zhong was an encounter with Guan Xin himself, and Jessie Li's temperament was just like Shu Li Shu. Character. The film critics praised the three people. “Dong Zijian is no longer a bitter pursuit of women and men. The chick movie has two more episodes, Elane Zhong and Jessie Li.” Critics movie film Hideki is definitely affirming, “Dong Zijian The comedy talent was fully released. Elane Zhong's barbarian girlfriend also performed well, plus a pass by Jessie Li, achieving a spring limit."

The romantic comedy "Off the list of emergency" is in the heat.

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