In that year Xiaomi is fragrant' class JIng Ma's "Blasting Temperament" turned into a spicy corn

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The emotional drama “ Xiaomian Zhengfangfang ” was recently filmed in Henan. Recently, the crew held a press conference in Qingtianhe, Boai County, Henan Province, and the first exposure of the brilliant film, the legendary millet and corn sisters of Lu Hai and JIng Ma . , It can be described as full of points, so that the outside world is full of expectations. In particular, actor JIng Ma has broken through his own screen image and turned into a “spirit-breaking” spiky corn sister, which can be called the drama of the entire drama.

In the new drama, Xiaomi Masaharu, that year, actor JIng Ma broke through the role of his former gentle style. Her second sister “Maize” is a pungent character and is called a contemporary tiger girl. New style women keep their destiny firmly in their hands. In the play, “Jiao Mi” played by JIng Ma and Lu Hai is a pair of vindictive sisters. Although they are always against each other, they are always full of affection; not only that, JIng Ma is even more challenging with the husband in the play. Marriage, her personality is arrogant, good at embarrassment but full of full-featured, but also for their own love staged chasing men's drama, can be described as dramatic.

Since the character's name is called "corn," the crew of the show, from directors Xi Xin to Lu Hai and other partners are also used to calling her. JIng Ma himself also said that "The corn sister is very friendly and really likes everyone to call it this. I, too, made me feel that I was always in the role. I was very much in line with the character's image, and I was more comfortable with acting."

"Millet Zheng Fanfang" exposed the long film JIng Ma and transformed it into a "strength eat goods"

At the seminar’s press conference, Xiaomi Masaharu was the first to expose a 40-minute long slice of flowers. The corn played by JIng Ma in the film was “fried”. She used her family’s income as a treatment for her sister’s “millet”. His dissatisfaction with the fact that he even protested to his family at the dinner table caused parents to be very chilly. But on the other hand, when the younger sister was bullied by outsiders, he stepped forward and rushed forward to fight with others. This was also full of firepower. Demonstrate corn's care for their loved ones.

In an interview with the visiting class, JIng Ma himself revealed that he had been eating outside the play: "Eating, eating snacks, and eating as long as there are places to eat! Almost every game has food props. All actors in the cast are We will not eat big weight control, but my scenes are all eaten, so the props will be especially for me to buy a bunch of food, want to eat to buy, to help me shape this role." "In that year millet is fragrant In the series, corn played by JIng Ma is a full and humane character, and she transformed herself into a food item outside the play scene, which also made the audience feel particularly interesting.

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