The TV series "The hero of the martial arts and the martial arts out of the juvenile" diversity plot introduction (1-40 episodes)

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Introduction to the TV series " The Heroes of the Wu-Jun-Kun-Kun " is a collection of plots (1-40 episodes)

"The hero of the martial arts and spirits" is a costumed fantasy martial arts drama jointly produced by Deep Blue Film, Youku Video, Beijing Century Partner Culture, Yuekai Film and Television, and Reading Group, directed by Zhang Li , Yang Yang (actor) , Zhang Tianai Wu Chun and Likun Wang starred in the roles of Ashton Chen , Liu Yan (actress) , Cable formation laugh , Qing Dong , Haoyu Yang and Feng Junxi .

"The hero of the martial arts and the martial arts" is adapted from the online novel of the same name of the celestial potato. It tells the story of the unfamiliar children in the town family, and has experienced countless difficulties and obstacles, step by step to defeat the evil people, and finally become a long salvation. The great hero and the inspirational story of love and friendship.


The basic information of the heroes of the martial arts and martial arts:

The Chinese name is the hero of the martial arts

Foreign name Martial Universe

Production time 2016

Produced by the company Deep Blue Film, Youku, Beijing Century Partner Culture, Yuekai Film and Television, Reading Group

Production area, mainland China

Location Xiangshan Film and Television City

First broadcast time July 2018

Guide Zhang Li

Editor Zhang Li

Star Yang Yang (actor) , Zhang Tian Ai , Wu Chun , Likun Wang , Cable pattern laugh , Ashton Chen , Liu Yan (actress ) , Qing Dong , Haoyu Yang , Huang Haibing , Feng Junxi , Siqin Gaowa , Rise , Liu wave

Set of 40 episodes

45 minutes per episode

Type costume, martial arts, fantasy

Producer Zhang Weiwei

Online play platform Mango TV, Youku

Original silkworm potato

The first broadcast platform Hunan Satellite TV youth


The heroic story of the hero of the martial arts and martial arts:

Yang Yang (actor), who dreams of glory, has a mysterious stone charm that has been left behind by the ancient Supreme Fuzu. Since then, many of the three super-sects of Wu Xiu, who have nothing to do with Lin Dong, and the three super-sects of Zhongshan have appeared in Lin, and even the enemy who has never been able to reach it (Wu Chun) It also began to "care" about Lin Mo's inexplicable. After suffering many clan battles, tyrannical wars, and succession of inheritance, Lin Dong relied on his diligent efforts and the opportunity to take advantage of the world's martial arts, and was treated by the goddess of high cold (Likun Wang). I like the joy of my family, Huanhuan (Zhang Tianai). However, the evil demon that once endangered the moment once again appeared on this land, and even Lin Yuntian, the arch-rival enemy of the forest, eventually merged with the evil spirits. Lin Dong can only unite his two righteous brothers and the martial arts people who are righteous and righteous, relying on the supreme martial arts that was passed down from the ancestors of the year, and the contest with the different devils, and finally Lin Jian guarded this beautiful continent. .

The hero of the martial arts and sorrows is a juvenile cast:

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The hero of the martial arts and martial arts out of the juvenile related information:

Polishing the script keeps dying, director Zhang Li holds up the artistic height

In the big environment of the TV drama market in recent years, only the "fast-selling products" that pay attention to the production speed are endless. The TV series "The Heroes of the Wu-Jun Qiankun" produced by Tianjin Deep Blue Film and Television Co., Ltd. has been subverted in the preparatory stage of the script, and has been revised and polished many times.

The play is adapted from the "Super IP" works of the Great God-level writer Tianshen Potato. Its original novel is the leader in online literature. It has been serialized on the Chinese website since July 2011. In just a few years, it was only read by Mi Mi. The number of hits has exceeded 1.2 billion. The whole network has already easily exceeded 10 billion clicks, and it has over 100 million loyal fans across the mainland, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea.

For the super IP works with the "reliable" fan base, the production party's deep blue film industry is particularly cautious about the film and television adaptation of "The Heroes of the Martial Arts", and strives to strike the audience's heart in the script polishing and the creation of the main personnel. In addition to setting up a domestic first-class screenwriter team, Deep Blue also joined hands with “the director who will use the lens to tell stories.” Zhang Li personally took the test, not only for the costumes and props, but also perfectly reflected the script’s “blood blood” in the story. The essence of "adventure" is to create a new Chinese martial arts drama with the mainstream values ​​of art quality, film quality and youthful blood.


As the latest theme of the first attempt by Zhang Li, "The Hero of the Martial Arts" will also follow the consistent avant-garde lens language and unique aesthetic quality of Zhang Li's works, and open a new world view with different stories from the past. The audience is eager to present a new world of martial arts that incites the imagination and subverts imagination. The play also put the story in the "antiquity" era to enhance the depth of history and bring the distance between the work and the audience closer.

Judging from the newly released cast, the popular star Yang Yang (actor), the popular darling Zhang Tianai and the popular male Wu Chun lead the show, attracting a lot of "yan powder" onlookers. This is the second collaboration between the men and women Liu Yan (actress) and Zhang Li after " Little handsome ". She plays the role of "Mu Yu" and has the same temperament and kindness as the devil. Gentle two very different personalities, the contrasting people are also set to make the audience look forward to. The addition of the kung fu idol Ashton Chen undoubtedly added to the martial arts drama. The play of "Xiao Yan" played by Yang Xiao (actor) and "Lin Dong" played by Yang Yang (actor) are quite close to each other. There are also many opponents.

It is worth noting that although the "Junior of the Heroes of the Movement" is born out of the "female frequency" of online novels, its fan positioning after film and television is not limited to male audiences. In the process of unfolding his story, he will try his best to show "the happy rivers and lakes in the eyes of men, the love and hate in the eyes of women." Director Zhang Li also said that he would take care of the feelings of the female audience. "The men must also make the female audience addicted!"


The world's top visual effects team 100% capture dynamic combos

If you want to create a breakthrough new martial arts drama, can you accurately restore the essence of martial arts in the original works of "Tianjinsan" in the original movement of "Silkworm Potatoes", which is also a measure of the success or failure of "The hero of the martial arts" One of the standards.

At this point, the production team of "The Hero of the Armed Forces and the Nine" did not dare to slack off, and invited the world-class martial arts coaching team to design unique characters for the protagonists such as "Lin Dong" and "Ying Huan Huan" in the TV series. Aesthetic and coherent martial arts movements, combined with the world's top film late visual effects company, Asia Pacific's top film and multimedia visual effects production company to create a "dynamic combo" cool visual experience to present more streamlined Realistic blood martial arts action and picture effects.

Technological innovation has always been an important breakthrough in the development of the industry, and film and television dramas are no exception. The development of special effects technology has extended the expression space of film and television works, and even to a certain extent has become a key factor in the success of film and television works. In fact, there is still a huge gap between the current level of special effects presented by domestic film and television works and the international vision and aesthetic needs of a new generation of domestic audiences that have grown up from Hollywood's high-quality special effects films. "The hero of the martial arts and martial arts" is a boutique TV series that was launched by Deep Blue in 2016. Its production team wants to make a difference in special effects. In the end, how do you present a movie-level martial arts picture with an unprecedented level of creativity and unprecedented creativity? Many viewers are looking forward to it.

In all fairness, the film and television works adapted from IP in recent years are not uncommon, but there are only a handful of classics that can be called classics. "The hero of the martial arts and the martial arts" can break through in the IP. It is conceivable that its high-quality story core and shocking visual effects are bound to be the only way to win.

The martial arts heroes out of the juvenile diversity plot introduction:

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