Prince turned frog', 'gossip girl', 'sheeps star' remake of hot style!

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Linkeddb News October 10 The overwhelming "remake fever" struck again, and a barrage of news about the remake came to light. Such as Jimmy Lin " Sheeps star "About to start up mode; Ming Dao " Prince turned frog It has also been recorded and filmed by the state administration of radio, film and television (sarft), and has caused a heated debate on the Internet, as well as a popular search on weibo. Not only that, but American TV series could not avoid the invasion of "remake". According to the Internet, the Chinese version gossip Girl Production will begin this month.


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"Prince turned frog" has been registered in the state administration of radio, film and television began to open


It can be said that Prince turned frog, a young idol drama, became popular and left a deep impression on the post-80s and 90s generation. However, the hot style drama has become one of many remakes, which has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. It has been recorded in the state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television (sarft). Some netizens are even more direct: please Ming Dao, Joe Chan Do it again! Production is expected to begin in November, but casting has yet to be decided and officials will have to decide. Hope this childhood memory can complete a "remake" of the reverse attack, a satisfactory answer!


"-they taped" Jiarong Lv It gives you a different experience


All the Zhi Zhou "Gossip Girl" is an American TV series that has been popular all over the world. A remake of the popular American drama has been reported recently and will officially start shooting this month. The actress Queen S will be played by popular mainland actress Jiarong Lv, giving you a new experience of American TV series. Jiarong Lv is also the one that can restore Queen S to the highest degree. With excellent acting skills and temperament, Jiarong Lv has left many classic roles in many movies and TV series. The most perfect Jiarong Lv is bound to continue the classic, let's wait and see!


The new "" Sheeps star" "host is not Deng Lun


"Sheeps star," the classic idol drama, has long been rumored to be a remake starring popular baby boy Deng Lun. After seeing the lead character Deng Lun, many netizens said: finally, a remake is guaranteed! Because from the hit showAshes of Love/Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst"Can be enough to see that Deng Lun's acting is quite crack! Recently, however, it was reported that zhongtianqi was taken as the role of Cenozoic idol bi wenjun, and Deng Lun stopped playing the new version of Sheeps star. To this change Angle, the net friend expresses to disapprove in succession, how do you think about this?


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There's a lot of remake of hot style, are you looking forward to it?

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