Liu meiqi attends the' armor-piercing shell 'press conference and partner cheng feng performs battlefield love

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Star relations November 23& have spent The youth warm-blooded war drama "armor-piercing shell" jointly produced by Beijing Yangtze river culture and haining red orange media was launched in nanjing, jiangsu province. Choenyi Tsering , liu meiqi, Jiaqi Feng All the leading actors were present.

Fight against The Times to become an expert in military mechanical repair

The TV series "armour piercing bomb" mainly tells the story of July 1945, the northeast resistance independent 88th infantry brigade reconnaissance staff Han Tao < / p > < p > ordered to lead the reconnaissance team secretly into the Japanese defense hinterland, in order to obtain the Japanese yarei fortress engineering drawings of the story. Liu meiqi plays a military mechanic repair expert in the play Wang Zhuo Ya is also the lover of Han Tao. In the world of armor piercing shells, lovers are on the battlefield, fighting side by side, off the battlefield, galloping horses Betula platyphylla Lin, tears and blood together, and enjoy the glory and disgrace of time. What's going to happen to Han Tao and Wang Zhuo ya's love life and death? Let's find out later on.

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Conference, was asked to compare the memorable things, in the process of filming Liu Meiqi answer when shooting a crane power play, and his big heart had fallen down and is very breathtaking, but not bad as a result, the fans are pinched the staff at the scene, behind Liu Meiqi also comfort fans, oneself is very good, you don't have to worry about.

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A girl grows up in a house & NBSP; Xiangyang,

The new generation of actor liu meiqi started his career in 2017. Because of his sweet and lovely appearance, liu meiqi attracted numerous fans and was called "marshmallow girl" by netizens. Liu meiqi also grew up in people's attention and lived up to expectations. Because of her love for acting and her reverence for acting, liu meiqi has carefully studied each character since her debut, explored the inner heart of the character, and successfully digested the role. Her performance has left a deep impression on the audience.

She is an expert in military repair with a firm belief in the armor-piercing bullet. Touch Jin Fu "She is also the most beautiful shouling with rebellious spirit, looking forward to every wonderful interpretation of liu meiqi.

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