Age of legends' on october 11 the final battle begins! wedding day william chan was married by ma sichun?

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Linkeddb News October 11 Produced by the magnanimous culture under huatexton, co-produced by the ministry of public security golden shield film and television culture center, Xin Liu Directed, William Chan , Ma Sichun , Yijun Liu , Sebrina Chen , Zuxin Ye , Minghan He Hot blood city hero legendary TV drama Age of legends We're nearing the end of the series, and we'll see the finale on October 11 at 19:30. As 2018 word of mouth, "the Age of legends" based on the exciting drug involved subjects, insist on people oriented, attention to reality, assembled a workman spirit behind the production team, not only some actors, golden horse winner co-star, top performing artists, but because of the acura policemen salute civilian heroes, and expand the positive energy of the justice of self-help upward spirit core, makes the play from beginning to end, maintained high heat network and discussion topics, the highest ratings reached 0.818, so the playback volume reached new highs, has now reached 3.07 billion.

In the finale on October 11, William Chan & NBSP; The memory gradually recovered, and nie wanfeng (Yijun Liu & ding; The two of them are on fire. Whether the ultimate showdown between the police and drug lords can be won, Ma Sichun & NBSP; "Can't wait to see the ending, but don't want to say goodbye to them."

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The pattern of Age of legends occupies the hot search list & the market; The continuous improvement of public praise is called "zero negative review".

As the most popular realistic drama of 2018, Age of legends has attracted much attention from both inside and outside the industry before its debut. After the grand broadcast on September 17, Age of legends has been living up to expectations and achieved many successes, giving a satisfactory answer to the audience. The number of vips broadcast on the whole network exceeded 80 million on the first day, with the number exceeding 100 million for free for four hours, which has now reached 3.07 billion. The popularity of weibo has been on the rise. The reading volume of the main topic # Age of legends has exceeded 1.74 billion, and the reading volume of all related topics has exceeded 18.1 billion. During the broadcast, a number of topics reached the top of the popular weibo search list, such as "liu ziguang beautiful male meter", "Age of legends is not a period drama", "what Age of expressing love with dolls", "no time to say like", "when security guards love cleaning" Continue to top the list, the heat does not retreat.

Audience's public praise once again confirmed the strong ability of Age of legends to attract fans. "Age of legends tells us that a group of heroes in this society sacrificed themselves for the good life of the people and earned too many tears." Some people are impressed by the super production level of the series, "Age of legends is a fairy cut, the reality and flashback of the cross overlapping particularly with the feeling! "There are people who break their hearts for the love of guangrong CP," as if they had a relationship with them, feeling so real and pure. The acting of leading actors William Chan and Ma Sichun was also unanimously recognized by the audience. "William Chan's acting was cracked, his eyes were super dramatic, and Ma Sichun's crying opera was even more advanced, and the appeal was super!" "Age of legends" not only conquered the young people, but also the elders joined in the chorus of fans. "mom worried about liu ziguang's identity" and "grandpa said guangrong CP was so sweet", which really triggered the popularity of the show, with the praise continuously.

 Can guangrong CP come to fruition? & have spent The whole journey of live action is enjoyable for the audience

The reason why Age of legends achieved such excellent results is inseparable from the excellent quality of the series itself. The play created a pair of "guang rong CP" with a strong sense of justice and responsibility: liu ziguang suffered from a lot of misfortune. He returned to his hometown eight years ago after running away from home for a long journey to M, but he actually lost his memory and was full of doubts. Hu rong comes from a family of police, to become a qualified people's police for life ideal, heroic and valiant, jealous of hate. When two people of this identity meet, there is a strong dramatic conflict. In the process of hu rong's continuous pursuit of liu ziguang, liu ziguang's kindness and justice nature was gradually discovered by hu rong. After experiencing numerous difficulties and obstacles together, liu ziguang was always accompanied by hu rong, even sacrificing his life to save her. Hu rong also opened his heart. But just at the moment when liu ziguang proposed marriage, everyone thought that the two were about to become fruition, liu ziguang's identity mystery gradually revealed: unexpectedly may be killing hu rong's biological father's drug Lord mulberry? Guang rong CP's love has been severely tested, how the two will develop will be revealed in the finale on October 11!

In addition to leading roles, other roles are also full and alive, and there are many performing artists who, by virtue of their excellent acting skills, enable the audience to have an excellent watching experience. In order to Wu Gang , Heidi Wong , Jianyi Li , Jing Hu , Guoqiang Feng The hard-nosed characters, represented by a decent police chief, an unpretentious garage mechanic, and a female drug Lord as a villain, are perfectly accurate. The hero nie wanfeng played by Yijun Liu is handsome in appearance and fierce in heart. Seeing the memory of his former brother Liu ziguang gradually restored, he did not hesitate to reverse the black and white and set up a conspiracy. In the final finale, the duopoly of "fengguang" and "fengguang" faced off. Also of particular interest is the outcome of the ultimate battle between the police and drug lords. (Wu Gang & NBSP; The head of the police can bring the criminals to justice, hu rong's father huang zhenwu ( Chen Chuhan What is the truth about death? Just wait for the show to air and witness it together.


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Fight between liu ziguang and nie wanfeng will begin immediately. JPG

Building civilian heroes eulogize the role model of The Times & dying; & have spent Positive energy harvest police affirmation

Age of legends created a civilian hero represented by liu ziguang, full of blood, love in heart, justice and kindness, doing extraordinary things in his ordinary position, and constantly growing through personal struggle. "His character and strength comes from love," says William Chan in the newly released "bones of orange" special. As a security guard, facing the unscrupulous proprietor, liu ziguang had the courage to speak out and said "no" to immoral ACTS. When operating the barbeque shop, adhere to the integrity of management, abide by the "people doing things must be authentic" standard; To fight market injustice with my brothers when opening the sunshine battlefield; In the face of the vicious and vicious evil forces, liu ziguang and hu rong together, using wisdom and courage to achieve one victory after another. Age of legends composed a song of praise for the heroes of the common people, set up a number of examples with the "orange red spirit" of The Times, and has a positive inspiring effect for young people to realize their self-value and stick to the truth and righteousness.

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On the other hand, Age of legends opens up a new perspective. The relationship between the police and the public abandons the traditional one to protect the other, but the police and the public join hands to fight against crimes. At the same time, the play reflects the mission inheritance of the two generations of public security police, and builds a flesh-and-blood and impartial public security team, showing the real work and emotional life of the public security, as well as the spirit of fearless sacrifice and brave dedication. The young police, represented by hu rong and han jin, are brave and brave. Hu's father huang zhenwu even devoted his life to the anti-drug cause. The wish to recognize his daughter could never be realized. They will safeguard social stability and harmony and people's life and property security in the first place, together build a solid fortress. Security forces to create a safe political environment, stable social environment, fair legal environment, excellent service environment has made profound contribution, the Age of legends, let ordinary audience attention to a special professional group, real realize the police is not easy, praise and inherit their lofty spirit, but also won the People's Daily overseas edition, the Chinese police official media such as affirmation, "this is a standing in plateau play climb to the peak."

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Faith will never die, justice will never be absent, blood will always exist, live up to the mission of The Times. In the special episode of "the bone of orange", Xin Liu, the director, said that "every play should have a guiding significance". "Age of legends" is just such a work, and its profound social meaning deserves more attention. On October 11 at 19:30, the Oriental theater of dragon TV and the China blue theater of zhejiang satellite TV will be updated simultaneously at 23 PM on tencent video, youku video, and video.

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