Host mr. q xiaoqiang's second visit to mayday looks forward to the launch of the new film

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Star connection aug 29On August 26, Mayday After the third performance of the bird's nest concert, the film release press conference will be held in the golden hall of the bird's nest. Mr. Q xiaoqiang, the host, said that this is the second interview with Mayday, and he is looking forward to the launch of the new film.

At the start of the press conference, axin thanked everyone and said it was a "big day". The story of Yanxi Palace "I thought your tour was going to be very busy, but I thought everyone was going to catch up on the show."Maydayand the media couldn't help laughing. Later, a trailer for theMaydaymovie was played. Mr. Q xiaoqiang said thatMaydaycould be cut into a movie by chatting together. Stone said it might not be played. The atmosphere was witty and funny, and even in the early hours of the morning people were still not tired.

Mr. Q jack Bauer, a former head of the central people's broadcasting station the sound of music is also a world guinness "longest radio broadcast marathon world record holder, continuous 200 hours of uninterrupted broadcast live, let MR Q cockroaches on a new understanding of their own limits, for he is" opened up a new life, can be more have the courage to explore other areas ". Also in the field of hosting with more than 10 years of experience, I believe Mr. Q will bring us more surprises.

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