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Linkeddb News November 21& have spent Firemen focus film "fire hero" held the first media probe conference, the film supervised production Andrew Lau , Peggy Lee Director, Tony Chan Three "big brother" level of the main creators with the leading role Xiaoming Huang , Jiang Du , Zhuo Tan , Xiaotian Yin , Jason Koo ,Zhe - han ZhangGao ge appeared at the scene. Several leading actors dressed in the new uniform of Chinese fire control after the transformation took the stage. As soon as they came on the stage, they saluted for all on the scene.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent "" fire hero" "according to author balky Ye Yuan "Is adapted from" the deepest water is tears ", which tells the story of a fire in a coastal oil tank area, where firefighters stand united and fight to the death to protect the safety of life and property of the country and people. The film focuses on the firefighting heroes around us, with authentic and restored themes and strength of the lineup, making the audience express their great expectations.

Media exploration launch of

'fire hero' media probe launches - Zhuo Tan as wife of jiang liwei. JPG


100% restore the fire scene and fully present the "daily" of fire heroes.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Yesterday's seminar was held in the shooting scene of "fire hero". The huge oil tanks and the buildings burned by the fire were standing beside everyone. Meanwhile, this scene was true and restored in a 1:1 ratio. And the film's producer bona film group chairman Yu Dong In the film, "there are more than fifty oil tanks of this size," he says.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent 100 & amp; Live shooting, blasting, fire scene and action scenes, the shooting difficulty and danger degree of "fire hero" can be imagined. Director Tony Chan said the setting of such scenes was expensive every day, but could not rely on post-production special effects, and "" the scenes of fire must be very real" ". This "must" is the director's insistence on film effects, as well as the insistence of the entire crew.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent As a result, not only the scenes are true to life, but the actors never use stand-ins. Everyone "thinks of himself as a fireman". Two months after the film was officially shot, the training of the actors began in summer. The season is already very cold, but the actors who spray water on the fire engines play themselves. They are not afraid of the cold. Luckily the clothes we wear are refractory, but I don't think there's much hair left on my legs.

  The actor pays homage to "the most lovely person around"

& have spent Before "fire hero", there were few films about firefighters. Why did the main team turn the camera to the ordinary heroes like firefighters? The director, Tony Chan, said he wanted to present the firefighters' true story. When the fire struck, they were all burned on the front, which meant that no one had run away, and they were all standing there to hold the line of fire. I called my boss and said I was going to make this movie." Executive producer Andrew Lau said he was first impressed by the script and "used the best team to make the explosion and fire in the film, as well as the big oil tanks you saw."

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent The actors also have a deeper understanding and perception of the firehouse hero of firefighters in the shooting of real scenes. Xiaoming Huang laments that "firefighters do not have holidays. Holidays may be the most frequent time for fires, so firefighters always have responsibilities. They deserve the most respect because they are always ready to sacrifice their lives, and are the nearest group of heroes to people's lives. He also revealed that he had been fully prepared for each training session, but was still afraid of the sudden fire during the shooting. I hope to show the sacrifice spirit of firefighters to complete the task resolutely, and pay tribute to this group of "the most lovely people around us".

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Jiang Du, the leading actor, said that he was thinking about what kind of sense of mission made these firefighters stay at the front of the fire. "that's what inspired me when I was shooting." And the only actress Zhuo Tan in the film played Xiaoming Huang's wife, she Shared a firefighter's family inner pain, although oneself also support the "hero", but "every parting with them, as if dead, watching them into the fire, really have to pay all the sincerity of tribute to them." As Xiaoming Huang Shared a story about his decision to participate in the show, one of the most beautiful love words a firefighter left for his wife before going to fight the fire was, "the duty lies. I can only die here if I want to die. Everyone at the scene was moved.

Fire hero media probe launch - Jiang Du as fire chief ma weiguo. JPG

The launch event of

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Conference in the end, fifty played firefighters in the movie actor wearing uniforms came to the stage, and all creative staff taken together the big picture, let a person feel the whole cast with one believes this heart and pursuit of the perfect creative team, will present a full of blood and fire hero touched, interprets the "ordinary hero" extraordinary faith and stick to, looking forward to "fire hero" release as soon as possible!

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