The movie "Harlequin" successfully kills Wang Yibo and breaks through the "desperate gambler"

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The Movie "Harlequin" Completely Killed Wang Yibo Breakthrough Deducted "Desperate Gambler"

Zhang Meng (director) as a producer, directed by Gu Dong, actor Wang Yibo, starring Sun Shuang 's film "The Harlequin" has been successfully completed. The film not only has unique humanistic care, but also has dramatic rhythmic drama conflicts. It reflects the living conditions of the bottom social groups that Hollywood-style commercial films do not pay attention to. It transplanted the spiritual core of the classic opera to the Chinese country theater company, forming a modern story with strong drama conflict. The actor Wang Yibo will break through in the film to make Zheng Yunchang, a gambling philanthropist, make painful struggles and difficult choices at the crossroads of gambling and love.

The harlequin of life, anger and sadness, life is like a play, the story of “Harlequin” is a romance story of a troupe of theatrical troupe. It tells the story of the love story that head of the delegation was surrounded by sweetness and was defeated by disillusionment. There are a large number of humorous performances and life scenes in the film. They have a real comedy line and finally ended in tragedy, which promoted the temperament and level of the entire movie. Most of the actors in the play chose real troupe actors. Their unique production mode also provided the film with a more realistic performance. Zheng Yunchang, played by the newly promoted Xiaosheng Wang Yibo, and Hedy W. Lee, a playschool student, played by Sun Shuang, were three years old. The two were in love with each other. It was originally a beautiful marriage. Zheng Yunchang was idle and deep in gambling, but he was eager to return to the right path. Inability to master his own life. This time, Wang Yibo will explain how this gambling entangles the role of internal entanglement, let us wait and see. Under the meticulous construction of the entire team, the movie "Harlequin" will also be on the international stage, participating in the competition of the Tokyo Film Festival Awards, to contribute to the glory of the Chinese film.

The youthful young boy Wang Yibo loves drama, is good at sports, and laughs very contagiously. He plays many works in Ding Lei and shows his prominence in Happy Planet. Luo Quan in Hot Blood Changan " Peacekeeping infantry Battalion " in Hedy W. Lee book, " Deep Sea Sword " in Wang Xiaohua , "golden touch" in the Wangtian En ...... Wang Yibo has been trying hard to to shape each role. Dedicated and cheerful, he was also praised and loved by the staff and his partners. He has become more powerful and expressive. Recently, he played Li Gen (basketball) and Shadow Enigma in the movie "The Spear". Li Chen , a journalist who plays in the fierce, has a good performance, and he looks forward to seeing what kind of surprise Wang Yibo will bring us in the movie "The Harlequin".

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