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Linkeddb News November 12& have spent & have spent So far, in addition to Story of Yanxi Palace ","Ruyi's Royal Love in the PalaceThere is no new hot style drama in addition to popular hot style TV series, and the new onscreen TV series will be launched in November. There is always one that is your favorite. Jing Tian " Fire of the thousands of miles with the wind ", Yang Zishan " Never Gone ", Jiarong Lv " My nanny handbook "And the Xiwen Cao "Time in the city" will be popular one after another, popular female stars across the air than acting time.

1 Jing Tian Yang Zishan Jiarong Lv Xiwen Cao. JPG

"Fire of the thousands of miles with the wind" by Jing Tian

The TV series "Fire of the thousands of miles with the wind," starring Jing Tian, is adapted from the classic comic book by you suilan Yijuan Hu Directed, Jun Rao Screenwriter, mainly tells the story of arbitrary President Lin Ye to look for ways to return to god's domain, with no discord, no concord reporter TongFeng overcome various difficulties, launched a romantic, abuse of the love story of the heart, and Jing Tian plays is spell able with straight blood reporter TongFeng, Jing Tian, acting is beyond doubt, anticipation of her performances.

2 Jing Tian Fire of the thousands of miles with the wind. JPG

Never Gone by Yang Zishan

Recently, by theLin Yu - FenDirected by Yang Zishan, the TV series Never Gone was a hit on November 6 and premiered to great success, according to the show Xin Yi Wu Based on the novel of the same name, which tells the story of young men and women from different backgrounds who explore, get lost, miss and grow up in love, Yang Zishan plays su yunjin, the no.1 woman in the drama, a female elite in the workplace who integrates beauty and talent. Yang Zishan is very good at character features and his acting is excellent.

3 Yang Zishan

Jiarong Lv My nanny handbook

Youth idol drama starring Jiarong Lv AI will be landing in 12 optimal heat, the play tells the story of a ghost girl and spoiled horse AI male star in a love story of growing up, the entertainment circle plot in the drama, Jiarong Lv play gold medal agent LanLan, gradually in the process of god's brother get along with the stars fell in love with this complacency handsome big boy, after a series of stories happened gradually changed everyone's life path.

4. Jiarong Lv My nanny handbook. JPG

Xiwen Cao" Your time and mine "

The urban commercial war drama "Your time and mine," starring Xiwen Cao, will premiere on dragon TV and zhejiang TV on nov 12 and be simultaneously broadcast on tencent video and iQIYI, an adaptation of the play Ding Mo The novel of the same name tells the story of Lin shayi, an urban white-collar who runs his own business and is appointed as the President in the face of difficulties in the management of his family business. Xiwen Cao, who plays Grace, the President of the fashion group, described her role as "stylish, competent, forceful, warm-hearted and kind".

5. Xiwen Cao, Your time and mine. JPG

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