Why are fans willing to pay for their idols?

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1. The strongest Kris Wu of Zhu Yi Long has a big impact. JPG

Linkeddb News November 5 & have spent In this era when idol is in charge, fans are doing everything they can to pursue stars. Back then, Lu Han A selfie beside the mailbox has made the Lu Han brand mailbox, which is exactly the same as the thousandth mailbox, web celebrity. Many fans have gone to the mailbox to take photos, just to resonate with the idol Zhu Yi Long The most severe, Kris Wu Big impact,Mr Yang, the moreHigh popularity, Jiarong Lv Controversy.

Zhu Yi Long fans' super awesome '

The recent mention of Zhu Yi Long is quite a fire, as it is reported in the Guardian "Plays" Shen Wei "corner of the red in the Internet, with the handsome appearance and excellent acting, Zhu Yi Long crazy, powder and high fan loyalty, his net friend online amway is numerous, but also because of its fans" super "and caused a lot of events, along with these events, Zhu Yi Long sentiment surged. & have spent

2. Zhu Yi Long fan

Kris Wu fans are loyal

Zhu Yi Long is a new show that rises and Kris Wu is as the strength of the red icon, there was a time when Kris Wu scandal, but did not affect his popularity, all kinds of brands, film actor in the first place after 90, and Kris Wu treat fans also love, hope that they can not only wrote a letter to yourself, don't spending money on himself, also encourage fans will both money and time spent with family, it is no wonder that his fans with his stick.

3. Kris Wu fans stick around. JPG

Yang chaoyue has so many fans you can't imagine

Yang's popularity is obviously related to her personality and her real and funny attitude. We have to admit that Yang's fans are so many that you can't imagine it, even if you have already made a careerWu Xuanyiwith맹 미 기, Meng Mei QiThey had more experiences than Yang chao before, and their dancing and singing were directly crushed by each other. However, their popularity is not much different from Yang chao's.

4. Yang chaoyue has so many fans you can't imagine. JPG

The number of Jiarong Lv fans has skyrocketed several times

Speaking of Jiarong Lv, have to let people admire the acting skills are appearance level actress early years has accumulated a number of high-quality big drama, has a group of fan has been tepid, until this year at the same time a number of big hit show, popular instant table, popular also stolen many gossip with her love one by one, its good as a dog blood content, and the subject in hand, although there are a lot of controversy, but also really Jiarong Lv is circle powder innumerable, number of fans to several times to soar.

5. Jiarong Lv fan number has skyrocketed several times. JPG

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