Number one player'' reveals the positive footage again. 'Oasis'' dazzles the world with ultimate decisive battle.

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Produced by Warner Bros. Studios, the award- winning sci-fi action adventure “ Number one player ” directed by Steven Spielberg was released on March 30 in Mainland China and North America. The film was released for 5 days. The high word-of-mouth continued to be fermented and it was able to harvest 505 million box office. Today, the film has exposed two positive footages of “Imaginary Realm” and “Ultimate Team Battle”, presenting the panoramic wonders of the Dream Oasis and the shocking images of the ultimate team battle.

"Number one player" was released on the 5th day in China. The movie, attendance, and box office accounted for the same period of time. The cumulative box office volume reached 505 million. In addition, the film also won the box office day crown for five consecutive days in North America, and the box office at home and abroad climbed in tandem. At present, the total scores of several major domestic platforms such as Douban, Weibo, Cat's Eye, and Piaoticket have exceeded 1 million. The scores are all stable at more than 9 points. In recent years, it is rare in movie theaters. It is well-deserved.

At the beginning of the film, the imaginary virtual world “Oasis” dazzled the audience. Today, the film party officially released the “Imaginary World” fragment that shows the wonders of “Oasis”. In order to build such a virtual world like never before, Roger Gates, the director of visual effects for industrial lighting, who is responsible for the special effects of the film, said that he has encountered a big challenge. “We have to start with a blank sheet. It goes beyond us. Imagine it. What is it? What do we want it to be? How can we shape it to fit the storyline, character settings, and even if it was born in the virtual world, it still gives people a sense of reality?” Roger ·Gate’s team repeatedly communicated with the director and artistic director to discuss the event and finally presented an “Oasis” world that was unprecedented and beyond the limits of imagination on the big screen. Many viewers expressed that they had been conquered by the imagination of the “Oasis” and wished that such a magical world could be hurriedly appeared. “If there are really 'Oasis', I will definitely stay there forever.”

Another "Ultimate Team Battle" clip released today shows the last magnificent battle scene. The “Top 5 Oasis” not only has to work together with thousands of players in the virtual world to counter the IOI of the villain group, but also evades the pursuit in the real world. It is thrilling. In this stunning world war, various types of egg-shaped characters also appeared one by one: steel giants, ghosts, Qichaqi, Hunting in Watchman Pioneer, Chun Li in StreetFighter , and NCO in Halo. Long... dazzling. In addition to the footage in the episode, the most fierce fire in the ultimate battle is the Dadong incarnation of one of the “Top Five Oasis” and a grave showdown with Godzilla, the AOI incarcerated by Sorrento. “I didn't expect it. In the rest of the year, you can see up to the war with Godzilla. What else can't be done with this movie?” There was also an instant shock of anime fans being turned up. “When Gao Bang appeared, he almost jumped from his chair. ,too excited!"

The film "Number one player" is produced by Warner Bros. Video, and is currently in the hot release of major cinemas across the country. Into the fantasy world beyond imagination, instantly join the ultimate battle to guard the "Oasis!"

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