CK[3] one player flashes live flash to the movie “Number one player”

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The total number of Spielberg's new film " Number one player " released on the 11th day has reached 1.04 billion yuan, becoming the first movie in the mainland movie market to hit 1 billion at the box office, and also creating the highest number of Spielberger's works in China. Box office record. Recently, a group of players from the CK[3] one Kungfu entertainment venue in Beijing’s Sanlitun North Square played live flash on the streets to pay tribute to this rich, culturally rich sci-fi system, “Number one player,” which also spread the message to everyone. National traditional martial arts culture.

On the afternoon of the 9th, Beijing’s Sanlitun Plaza gathered a dozen “star characters” in a short period of time: “The Hunger Games” cousin, “Street Fighter” Chunli, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman... absolutely the live version. "Number one player" was a large gathering. They gathered together to hold various kinds of weapons and displayed a variety of BOSS, attracting people who live in the vicinity to watch. After the classic characters in these games appeared, it became clear to everyone that it was an absolutely fashionable "Number one player game flash show." Each character was dressed in a game that was one-for-one with the game or character, or was sexy. Glamorous, or classic fashion, this flash team soon gathered a group of "fans" to take pictures. Diversification of entertainment, my flash shot I call the shots. It is reported that this is a self-organizing flash event organized by CK [3] one Chinese Kung Fu entertainment players. They use their actions to pay tribute to the movie "Number one player"!

It is reported that the CK[3] one Chinese Kungfu entertainment tournament is based on the excellent techniques of the Chinese Kungfu martial arts and integrates freestyle fighting, wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazil Jiu-Jitsu and many other fighting genres. It is a brand new combination of modern entertainment and traditional kung fu fighting. Large-scale brand events; action-based movie ultra-difficulty techniques as the core of the fight, with drama and fight as the performance of the performance of the Taiwan and Taiwan, and for each player tailored to create a comparable level of creative cool appearance show. Different from the traditional kung fu and boxing events, CK[3] one Chinese Kungfu Entertainment has made unprecedented exploration and combination of plot, high appreciation and actual combat, resulting in a complete closed industrial culture chain.

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