The film deadline is officially opened. daniel wu hu yi ren has been chasing criminals for ten years.

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Linkeddb News November 14 & have spent Produced by emperor (Beijing) film and television culture media co., LTD., emperor pictures co., LTD., Shanghai zhengfu film and television culture co., LTD., Han Sanping Executive producer, liang Lin producer, Hong Kong famous director, scriptwriter Lau Ho Leung Directed, Daniel Wu , Qianyuan Wang , Hu Yi Ren Such as police bandit movie starring recently held a boot ceremony is solved within a time limit, the film tells the story of criminal gangs, led by Zhang Sun, since 1998, ten years more implemented respectively 22 series set in the case of armed robbery, Interpol captain Cheng Zhong led some wanted to Zhang Sun gang, the approaching step by step, finally built a tight dragnet will gang nab's story.

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Ten years grinding yijian Hu Yi Ren love justice is not absent

In the film, the actor Hu Yi Ren will play "qi bing", a police officer with a sense of justice. In the ten years of cooperation with Cheng Zhong, the head of the criminal police, his role became an indispensable assist for Cheng Zhong with his rich experience in handling cases and quick skills.

Looking back on Hu Yi Ren's previous film and TV works, zhang Yang, persistent journalist in ThePartner,Anti - about special hunting team"Loyal to faith in science and technology director shang zheng, Era "In the latent general that the blade is enough... Hu Yi Ren, with years of experience and meticulous carving of character, has won unanimous recognition from the audience.

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New breakthrough Hu Yi Ren's role of change to meet the challenge

For Hu Yi Ren, who has played many classic roles, he is not limited by the theme, and is not confined to the characters' positive villains. Each different role is a challenge and breakthrough to himself. It is reported that Tian XiaBaChang's latest masterpiece "Touch Jin Fu" is about to meet the audience. Hu Yi Ren plays zhang da shan, who is known for his long life.

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