Episode: 40 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Duo Zhang Baihui Xu Wenzhong Shi More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Liu Xuesong Year: 2016
Genre: Age | Spy war


In 1945, Chinese-American Mi LanNi escaped to the ROC Embassy in Beijing, where she brought intelligence about Yalta. Attache Liang Tong wisely forced the Yalta agreement to be open and shocked the world. In order to strengthen the control over the regime, Chiang Kai-shek did not hesitate to discuss with the Japanese. For the long-term benefit of the nation in communism, the Communist Party resolutely opposes dictatorship. Liang Tong, a communist, discovered the plot and passed it on to his superiors. Liang Tong reported to the superior about the reception plan of the KMT and provided the necessary reference for the CPC to march into the northeast. The Kuomintang renounced the "Double-Ten Agreement" and the civil war broke out. In East China, the Central Plains Field Army grabbed the Huangbai-Tao Corps who were on the south flight and Liang Tong used the deployment at the Kuomintang to make the battlefield situation in the Kuomintang even more chaotic, under the command of the Communist Party. The Kuomintang troops were divided and eliminated one by one. Liang Tong eventually led the troops to uprising in Sichuan, thus breaking the Kuomintang's wish to defend Sichuan and wait for the current situation & nbsp ;.

Plot Summary>>

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