Mei yong attended the winter reading meeting to read' bath 'quietly and forcefully

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Linkeddb News November 26& have spent The other day, actors Mei Yong Recitation, the "winter in the book will be warmer" theme recitation: actors Shen Teng ,Tao Hong (actress, born 1969), Quan Yuan , Liu Min Tao , Qi Xi , Yiwei Zhou Director, Zhang Li , screenwriter Shao Xiaoli The host, Zhang Shaogang And so on 13 reading guests.

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As the second guest on stage that day, Mei Yong chose Ah Cheng "Bathing" is a collection of romantic stories. It is described in a quiet and powerful voice. "bathing" describes the love between a rider and a girl on the grassland of Inner Mongolia Shi Hang "Mei Yong looked at it and was moved, but after listening to it, it made people quiet," he said.

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Mei Yong starred in the hit TV series Chinese divorce. Troubled world scholar "" The Cliff "And so onHou Hsiao - hsien" Assassin Nie Hidden ", Wang Xiaoshuai "Forever and ever" is a movie, is a personal temperament and professional qualities are deeply loved by the actor, it is reported that she is currently focused on the college entrance examination of the contemporary social drama" Little joy "

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