Yikuan Yan celebrates the details of a good man's character

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Yikuan Yan celebrates a detail with his father's hair and shows his true nature. On June 20th, Yikuan Yan sunk the baby's footprints on Weibo, announcing that he had upgraded his father. In the Weibo, Yikuan Yan said: "The eight pounds and seven big girls came to report on the mother and daughter's safety," and at the end mentioned his wife. He expressed hard work to Ruoxi Du . The man's true qualities are undoubtedly displayed. It is reported that in January of this year, Yikuan Yan sung a B-picture on Weibo and announced his wife Ruoxi Du's pregnancy.





In fact, during Ruoxi Du's pregnancy, Yikuan Yan reflected the qualities of a good man. Not only did Duoxi Du take a photo of the pregnant woman, but they also took photos with the frame to be sweet. And look at Yikuan Yan's Weibo, a lot of status is about his wife.





When Ruoxi Du talked about her pregnancy status, Yikuan Yan said in the commentary area that she was very hard during her pregnancy. When her mother was too easy, she was more distressed by her wife.



In 2013, Yikuan Yan announced on Weibo news of his marriage to Ruoxi Du. In 2014, they held a wedding in Bali. Today, the two's daughter was born. The family of two has officially upgraded to a family of three, and the two have also had more life labels. The two have such a high face value, do not know who the baby looks like. Finally, I wish again Yikuan Yan Xidad.


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