Yikuan Yan 39th birthday Announced that his wife Ruoxi Du pregnant 5 years of marriage still face spoiled

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Today, Yikuan Yan , 39, is really a day of double happiness. Yikuan Yan, who is about to enter the age of perplexity, is about to escalate as Dad, greeting him and Ruoxi Du 's first baby. Today, Yikuan Yan made a tweet announcing his wife Ruoxi Du became pregnant. The two got married in 2013 and have been very low-key since their marriage. Although married for five years, Yikuan Yan still looks out to Ruoxi Du's eyes and still spoils her.

Yikuan Yan and Ruoxi Du started dating in 2009, when Yikuan Yan was already a Tianyi Si Mei, but Ruoxi Du was just an 18-act star. By chance, the two met at the airport. Later, Yikuan Yan found the two were living close, so Yikuan Yan, who had been on the water for a few months, finally won Ruoxi Du's heart. At first, when the two were together, all kinds of gossip rushed to Ruoxi Du, Ruoxi Du pressure to break up many times. However, Yikuan Yan always flies, but also for his girlfriend himself and fans pinched frame, a: Ruoxi Du speechless gesture. In order to promote the Ruoxi Du new drama, he did not hesitate to dress up as a middle-aged man just to foil the beauty of Ruoxi Du.

 Yikuan Yan 将升级当爸

Yikuan Yan said of Ruoxi Du: "Her filial piety, kindness and virtuousness are all my most cherished parts."

Today, Yikuan Yan and Ruoxi Du are finally getting their first baby, and it should be one of the perfect gifts for their marriage. I wish all Labradors all small couples and couples like Yanxi like love.

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