In the past, the leader of the jade lady was over 50 years old.

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In the past, the "leader of the jade lady" was over 50 years old

In the 1980s and 1990s, she was widely recognized as the "dream girl" in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Yi Shu She was once described as "beautiful girl in Japanese comics and like sleeping princess in Disney's long-running cartoon". She is the earliest memory many people have of the word "jade girl". The protagonist we are talking about today, she is Vivian Chow .

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Recently, several sets of concert photos ofVivian Chowwent viral online, with the exception of a frozen face attracting the eyes and a pair of thin white long legs, which made people envy her even more.

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Vivian Chow is a Hong Kong Chinese hostess, singer and actress. In 1985,Vivian Chowentered the entertainment industry by taking part in the rookie singing contest. In 1986, she won the second place in the amateur DJ competition. Then she joined RTHK and began her career in acting.

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Radio host, the scenery is endless

In 1987,Vivian Chowjoined RTHK radio 2 as a DJ to host the youth program "symphony of youth", becoming one of the most popular radio programs. Joined TVB in 1988 as the lead singer. In 1989, he won the outstanding award of the top ten Chinese golden melody award of RTHK and hosted the radio television department's youth current affairs programme Modern Times ". It wasn't until 1991 that she quit her job at the radio station Ge Xiang Singing and acting development.

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A great moment for an actor

He was nominated for best new artist at the Hong Kong film awards in 1988 for his first film, the world of three. In 1990, he performed his first TV series, "blood sword of wujin". The Valachi cca shut "Won the third most popular entertainer at the one TV awards. She also starred in wang chongyang, wu Lin lucky dog and Knife and Knife "," Faiwasiusuet Excellent TV series and films such as "free Fried rice".

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Pursue your dreams and become a musician

Vivian Chow is talented at music, and music is one of her dreams. In November 1988, the first EP album of the same name, "Vivian Chow," was released, which achieved platinum album sales. In 1992, she was selected as one of the top 10 health image entertainers of commercial radio, and was also named as the leader of lady jade. Her debut mandarin album, gossip, has sold over 300,000 copies in Taiwan. In 1994, guangdong and mandarin album sales broke through 8 platinum, and four concerts were held in Taiwan. In 2011,Vivian Chowheld two concerts at the Hong Kong stadium to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her entry and the launch of the 25th anniversary EP" Bonsai ".

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Fade away from the entertainment industry

Vivian Chow chose to fade out of the entertainment industry at the peak of her career, reportedly because of her restlessness. After disappearing from the entertainment industry,Vivian Chowbecame addicted to drawing, writing and American billiards. One of her works, "the old man of xinjiang", won the "new era award for visual arts", and her work "looking to the past, looking to the future" was shortlisted for "China watercolor painting exhibition", etc. She also published a book, my cat's son, zhou huibao. It seems that the period when "jade girl" recuperates at home is also a good page for life experience.

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Feeling low

Vivian Chow has had a good career but a low profile in her relationships. It was reported thatVivian Chowhad a relationship with chan, who later announced his separation. With the media Revelations, dawn andVivian Chowwere once recognised in show business Golden Boy But neither has admitted it. In the end, they were destined to be together. NowVivian Chowand her current husband Joe Nieh The two met while co-hosting theModern Timesshow, and they admired each other and eventually walked down the aisle.Joe Niehcame from a very famous family.Vivian Chowdid everything she could in this relationship, andJoe Niehdidn't want her to work in the entertainment industry. She quit showbiz and moved to vancouver with her husband, Joe Nieh. Either way,Vivian Chowmarried the right person, and they were happily married.

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