Masked 3' by vivian chow shocked everyone when she did not show her face, it would be suspected that wu tsing-fong su yunying

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Linkeddb News October 22  The third season of the music mystery quiz show "masked faces will guess" went live on youtube at 21:40 PM yesterday. In addition, members will enjoy additional benefits, and the exclusive membership program will be available every Wednesday. Domestic well-known fashion "hydration +" skin brand water password continued to cooperate "masked singing will guess" the third season of youku network independent broadcast platform total name. "Masked singing will guess guess" the first program on a wonderful, guess critics added Leo Ku , Patty Hou Two big general, two people variety sense bursting house cause scene bursts of laughter. Vivian Chow Sing "I give you a thousand paper cranes" long time no see "Graceful moving, and unexposed singing will be due to the unique voice of many netizens hot debate suspected isWu Tsing - FongAnd su yunying. & have spent

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Vivian Chow Da Zhangwei cantata Love of people "Vivian Chow shows off her signature stunt

"Masked singer will guess" launched its third season on Sunday night, triggering a heated debate among netizens about the top trending topics on weibo. This season, "masked voice will guess" has added a new "masked chorus" section, "give you a thousand paper crane" will lead 7 chorus songs. Jutrobedzielepiej ". After singing the sweet song Love of people with the song "give you a thousand paper cranes", the group of guessers guessed it was Da Zhangwei. After being guessed, Da Zhangwei returned to the guesslist with the addition of Leo Ku, Patty Hou and "elder statesman" this season. Eric Moo Together they formed a group of guesses, and though they were the first time to cooperate, they were perfectly in sync.

And the unguessed "give you a thousand paper cranes" on the stage to show their unique skills "signature imitation, the scene will Eric Moo, Da Zhangwei's signature imitation to the real thing. After the talent show, Patty Hou showed her back when she signed her autograph "send you a thousand paper cranes" and guessed she was Vivian Chow. "she was my idol before, and she came out polite and elegant, with such long hair," showing her super powers of observation. Leo Ku, long known to his wife as a talent agent for Vivian Chow, keeps stirring up the water, which is lovely and fun.

Then came the long time no see, a melodious song from "send you a thousand paper cranes," which confirmed the idea of the critics Leslie Cheung After cooperation and other points, it was concluded that "a thousand paper cranes for you" was Vivian Chow, the head of the jade lady. Eric Moo's ability to sum up made netizens sigh, "not to lose is" masked sing will guess guess "the patriarch. & have spent

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Masked singing will be suspectedWu Tsing - Fongsu yunying "little white rabbit" mysterious songs attracted attention

In addition to exposing the face of Vivian Chow Da Zhangwei, the first issue of the masked face will guess, also gathered five other famous masked singers. In the second group, "don't bother calling me", "little white rabbit" and "daring supermodel" sang together Tanya Chua The song" stranger "Just after the show, netizens guessed the two were Wu tsing-fong and su yunying, respectively, through the unique voice line of" don't worry, don't be old to learn my name "and" daring supermodel ". Unfortunately, the team didn't leave two people to sing a solo song in this program, whether or not Wu tsing-fong and su yunying can only be verified by the following program. And with the two chorus of "small white rabbit" is more to let the guess comment group confused, a variety of answers emerge in endlessly, even after "small white rabbit" sang the second song "painting the heart", still wrong guess. "Little white rabbit" has also sparked a lot of discussion on the Internet because of its beautiful singing and mysterious identity.

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However, for the critics, the problems of the first episode of the third season of "the masked ball will guess" did not end there. Two people chorusChang Chen - make" Laundry It's emotional and infectious. "Got my king" soloG.E.M. (singer)"The devil from heaven" fully demonstrates his unique voice and profound singing skills, which the critics believe he is Ronald Cheng , Jason Zhang , Wang Leehom One of the three, however, failed. "It's okay, don't keep calling me", "little white rabbit", "daring supermodel", "racing boy" and "the king who's got me". Those who want to know can only continue to watch the program.

More clues to the mystery will come to light on Wednesday

In addition to the beautiful songs, masked singing will be a unique talent show is also a great highlight of the program. The split boards, the dubbing of one character, the mixing of drinks, the on-the-spot eating of ginger and pepper and so on really took the audience by surprise. Compared to the previous season's talent show, this season has become a "smokescreen" instead of providing the right clues for the criticsHan Xue (actress). Face the fans friends want to know more details, can be more accurate guess sing whose demand will be masked, as the third season of masked sing will guess to the entire network information platform, youku special membership in every Wednesday launched an exclusive online version of the program, the audience can see the positive in member version is not exclusive content, artists, games, interactive link, an exclusive interview with the program designer, musicians and other participants of the program share reveal the story of behind the scenes, want to be the "Sherlock Holmes" find more clues to the audience not to be missed.

In the current era of content industry, youku has completed the huge user accumulation based on traffic, and comprehensively evolved into a pan-cultural and entertainment ecosystem, with a new content strategy sustainableHigh - dimensionalLayout of entertainment section. Whether it is the brand proposition of "the world is cool" or the production capacity of continuous forging hot style, youku is always at the gathering point of multiple outlets. The potential energy of the matrix and ecological content connector will generate exponential growth and become the first brand to attract young people's entertainment experience. This coincides with the rejuvenation strategy of famous domestic fashion "hydration +" skin brand water password. The water code has been in music field for two years in a row. It has mastered the symbolic sense and topical nature of the program itself, gained all-round implantation and exposure, and realized the wide spread of information such as brand slogan and product function. Reaching the target group comprehensively and deeply, the water code has formed a good memory in the audience's mind and gained the love and recognition of many young people. Youku.com and the water code two "young" brands to achieve a strong alliance. Under the linkage of ali e-commerce matrix resources, youku will use the powerful platform advantages to help the water code to realize the transmission of positive energy and reach a new height of the brand.

At 21:40 PM on May 28, the second part of the third season of "the masked singer will guess" will be released exclusively on youku. Do you want to hear more good songs? Want to know if it's Wu Tsing-Fong? Remember to lock youku! You can click on youku to enter the third season of "the masked singer will guess", and you can also review the program in real time with the live barrage, trying to be Sherlock Holmes, and guess together with the guess group to guess which mysterious big names have been unveiled, testing your reasoning ability.

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