Word of mouth actor can not escape the noon nightmare 10th gold broom in the second quarter and then sweep the "bad film"

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Recently, the finals of the "10th China Film Golden Broom Award" (the Chinese film released on April 1, 2018 - June 30), which was initiated by the "Young Film Handbook", has been released. Since the shortlist of the first quarter (Chinese film released on January 1st, 2018-March 31), the candidate films have received wide attention from the audience. This time, the attention is still not diminished, and the competition is fierce. .

Word of mouth actor can not escape "bad film" nightmare gold broom iron face selfless disregard aura

Among the finalists in this season's gold broom, there is the "Low Pressure Trough: City of Desire" directed by Nick Cheung, the director of the Golden Awards. After the 90s, Zhang Yishan also uses Graduation Works and A paper marriage contract . Nominated, as well as Li-Xin Zhao , Jingfei Guo , William Chan and others. In terms of actresses, there is no shortage of familiar faces. Famous actors such as Li Niu , Lin Yun , Xu Jinglei , Shanshan Yuan , and Dilraba Dilmurat were nominated. The word-of-mouth actors in the film industry such as Yu Nan , Yan Bingyan , Hao Lei , Liang Jing , and Qianyuan Wang have won many honors, but their bad films are also difficult to escape the golden brooms, and they are nominated for the most disappointing films. The broomstick "disregards" the aura, adhering to the principles of fairness, justice and selflessness.

Cross-border directors take turns to perform on the list and the guide is not so simple.

Throughout the season's most disappointing directors, the cross-border directors have added a lot, Nick Cheung, Xiaoshenyang , Feng Gong, etc. have been on the list, and have achieved "good" results. As the saying goes, interlaced like a mountain, although the cross-border actors have a unique star effect, but the content of the film is not good, or the audience has the final say. It’s not as easy as it’s supposed to be.

It is reported that next year is the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Golden Broom Award. In addition to selecting the most disappointing film of 2018, this year will add "the most disappointing film of the decade, the most disappointing director, the most disappointing male. The special awards such as "actress" are very interesting and the audience is very much looking forward to it.

Nomination for the second quarter of the 10th Golden Broom Awards:

The most disappointing films: "Low Pressure Trough: City of Desire", " Northwest situation ", " God of war ", " 21 carats ", "Graduation works", "A paper marriage contract", " Wonderful blossoming ", " Prison Dog plan , "Hong Kong Rescue", " Moths crossing the river ", " Happiness is coming ", "Blue Goldfish", "Ia's Password", " Lobster cop ", "Ice Block", " My Dear, I must marry someone else

Most Disappointing Director: Nick Cheung "Low Pressure Trough: City of Desire", Hasi Chaolu "God of war", Huang Huang "Northwest situation", Mingzhi Tang "Blue Goldfish", Feng Gong "Happiness is coming", Xiaoshenyang Moths Crossing at The River ", Li Xiaofeng " Lobster COP ", Yijun Liu " Hong Kong rescue ", Michiyo Ho" 21 carats. ", the Bin Xu " Graduation Works ", Qin Jie " My Dear, the I the MUST Marry someone the else ", Li Lingyu Li Yang's "Wonderful Blossoming", Tang Yu's "Ice Frozen Movie", Li Wei, Zhang Nan's "Ia's Password", Diego de la Vega "Prison dog plan"

The most disappointing screenwriter: Nick Cheung "Low Pressure Trough: City of Desire", Zhuo Gehe "God of war", Huang Huang "Northwest Situation", Zhao Wei "Blue Goldfish", Feng Gong "Happiness is coming", Yijun Liu, Liu Yun Peng, "Hong Kong Rescue", Michael Lee Ming-yeung, Michiyo Ho "21 carats", Han Jian, Yang Lan, Ce Wang, Liu Qiang, "Graduation Works", Tang Yu, "Ice Sealed Case", Yu Si, Yuan Zhe Master Li, Fang Yijia, Wang Hongfan, "Ia's Password", Hao Shuai's "Prison dog plan", Li Yuying, "A paper marriage contract"

The most disappointing actor: Nick Cheung "Low Pressure Trough: City of Desire", William Chan "God of war", Xiaoshenyang "Moths crossing the river", Simon Yam "Northwest situation", Ken Zhu "Blue Goldfish", Feng Gong Happiness is coming, Jingfei Guo 21 carats, Zhang Yishan Graduation works A paper marriage contract, Wei Lun Ice Block , Li-Xin Zhao Prison dog plan 》

The most disappointing actress: Lin Yun "God of war", Lan Yan "Blue Goldfish", Junjie Mao "Happiness is coming", Li Niu "Happiness is coming", Shanshan Yuan "Lobster cop", Dilraba Dilmurat " 21 Carats, Ding Ding Graduation Works, Xu Jinglei "Low Pressure Trough: City of Desire", Huang Miyi, "Ice Book", Liu Xi Yang "A paper marriage contract"

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