“Cell” is released today.

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Directed by Todd Williams, " 2012 " John the Apostle • Kusak, " The Avengers " Samuel Jackson and "The Hunger Games" Isabella Freman's disaster horror film " Cell " Released today, the ultimate visual effects received rave reviews, and the film side issued a “crisis” version of the original film clip, staged the “live dead” jungle extreme chase.

"Cell" is officially released today with a tight rhythm

The movie “Cell” tells the faith and persistence of the desperate crisis. When the mobile phone becomes a killing machine, what will the world become? The disaster came, people were paralysed, and the end of the world warned that the world was in danger. When the "hell bell" does not only sound at midnight, are you bold enough to answer? Since the film was released overseas, storylines and visual effects have always been relished. The audience expressed that the story was very attractive. “The whole movie has a good time rhythm.” “The opening scene was shocked by the mobile phone control of human scenes. ". As an adaptation of Stephen King's novels by the global thriller, the film naturally attracted the attention of the original fans, and they generally believed that although the film inevitably had to be adapted, it still “preserved the thought-provoking things in the book, and with the novel The original concepts complement each other.” The film was officially released today. In the era of universal use of mobile phones, I believe everyone will have a new understanding of life after watching the movie.

"Crisis four-volt" original film exposure chase adrenaline soaring

The filmmakers released the original version of the “Crisis” edition today. The “survivors of the three-man group” John the Apostle, who has just undergone encumbrance, Kusak, Samuel Jackson, and Isabella Furman have once again fallen into the “ The Living Dead crisis created a thrilling jungle chase, but it inadvertently glimpsed the secrets behind the disaster and played an important role in the subsequent development of the film. Referring to the filming of the scene, director Todd Williams said that several of his starring roles are very dedicated. “They did a lot of homework privately, and they showed that they were very scared and nervous when facing disaster. Appropriate.” John Cusack , who has repeatedly appeared in disaster horror movies, laughed and said, “Fear has become my instinct and it is unforgettable.” What kind of frightening disaster and how will the film develop? On April 13th, it will be a quick trip to the cinema.

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