Avengers: Infinity War Rating: The Ultimate Proof of a 10-year Marvel Movie

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The movie Avengers: Infinity War was directed by Anthony Russell , Joe Russell , Robert Downey Jr. , Josh Brolin , Chris Evans , Chris Hemsworth , Scarlett Johansson , Mark Lu The science fiction films starring Farrow, etc are the third of the Avengers series of movies, and are the 19th film in the Marvel movie universe. The film will be linked to the story of Thor: Ragnarok , which was published in May 2018. On the 11th in mainland China. The story of Avengers: Infinity War tells of the unprecedented crisis in the earth. No super hero can fight against it alone. The tyrants of galaxies are the strongest villains in Marvel Universe.


The goal of the hegemony is to collect six infinite gemstones. It is said that infinite gemstones can provide unimaginable power, and even rely on them to press their will on all things. All that the Avengers fought for was for this moment. The fate and survival of the earth have never been so rampant.


From " Iron Man " to "Avengers: Infinity War", the Marvel movie universe has accompanied us for a full decade. Along the way, there are too many exciting moments, too many surprises and moving, there are too many memories of youth. When this tragic infinite war arrives, let us once again utter that sentence - Avengers, Gather!


Little Star Issue 2 | " Avengers: Infinity War " Rating:

Feeling happy: The film is long-awaited, the plot is still good, the imagination is very rich, and the fight is also very exciting. Iron Man, Raytheon , Spider-Man, Captain America ... When dealing with a powerful enemy, they are boundless when they are dealing with a single enemy. How do they conquer? Still relying on, but not fierce? Especially at the end: the demise of the tyrant succeeded, half of the people were destroyed (natural selection), watching Spider-Man, Dr. Weird, illusions... One by one, the smoke disappeared. There was no end, everyone refused to go, thinking that there must be Ending eggs ... wait until the next set of notices. Marvel production, it is worth a visit.


Ding Dong: "Avengers: Infinity War" to meet the audience all the illusions! The movie is full of sense of humour, and the rhythm is very fast. It can be said that sadness and humor coexist. One second of grief to death, the next second will make you laugh, this is the legendary pain and happiness, and the Hulk laugh. What surprises me, in particular, is the regrouping of the Avengers. There is a teamwork force that makes you feel explosive! Some of the shots can really burst into tears, and everyone screams when they don't get excited! One of the most worth mentioning is a match between Tony Stark and Peter Parker! There is the new equipment of the little spider and Captain America is simply handsome! Moreover, Dr. Strange also has super performance! Everyone's scenes are fairly equal. If you have to say the most, it is the elimination of tyrants. The ending of the film may be very contrary to your expectations, changing the routine of Marvel's ending. But if you think this is the final outcome, it would be naive. Only you can read it.


Flowers are not flowers: In terms of style, "Avengers: Infinity War" is still quite full of power: the concept of the core is simple and direct, justice and evil, sacrifice and achievement; the character is still in love, and the spirit of the game is still awe-inspiring. There is no lack of ridicule and cold humor in the lines. But fortunately this time, it's too late to be sold, so it won't be embarrassing; Iron Man, the US team, Starbucks, Raytheon and other super heroes have been energetically and savvyly magnified. Paragraphs allow fans to scream from head to tail; excellent effects and editing ensure that the fighting scene is refreshing and good looking.

I laughed so I was in: "Avengers: Infinity War" in each member has a shiny lens, showing his most powerful side, is a fun and exciting movie. The film uses strong and brutal opponents to raise the stakes to the highest level in history. It has perfectly blended the Marvel movies of the past 10 years to create a super hero's rich feast. Almost to each member of the lens to show its most aggressive side. Of course, the end of the film is also exciting, and those who eventually promote the entire series into an epic chapter, people never forget.


Ms. Rose's sister: "Avengers: Infinity War" is not only what you want, but what you didn't expect. Interesting, surprising, dark, and the interaction between the characters is full of delightful interactions. It was the big scene you've never seen before on the big screen. All the time, from beginning to end, almost all the time, all the variables, make you stark. Sometimes the rhythm will slow down, let you breathe fresh air, and take a look at the plot. In short, this is an unprecedented epic film, the ultimate proof of the extraordinary story of the decade of Marvel.

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