To kneel down to na ying a-mei in her old age after rejecting patrick tse, who was born deaf, but received many photocopies?

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Once malicious jilt Patrick Tse, He was born deaf but has been honored many times in his later years Na Ying, A - mei Kneel down?

"The world only mother good, have mother's child like a treasure, throw into mother's arms, happiness can not enjoy....... "The children's song is a household name, full of love for her mother. But you know who the original singer is, and one of the original singers of "there's only one mother in the world," is the main character Josephine Siao .

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Josephine Siao was born in 1947 in Shanghai. At the age of seven,Josephine Siaomade her first film, "tears of the little star," officially a child star. NextJosephine Siaowas admitted to the Hong Kong joint film company, and the teenager Bruce Lee, She starred in the film AnOrphansTragedy ".

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In 1955, Meigu "Won the best child star award at the second southeast Asian film festival, starring Sansfamille "Is the first Chinese film to be nominated for the golden prize at the San Francisco international film festival. From 1960 to 1966,Josephine Siaostarred in more than 100 costume dramas.

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Josephine Siao went on to become a fashion cabaret actress and studied in the us. And then the movie Girlfriends "," RhythmoftheWave "," Autumn day long "Won best supporting actress at the 12th golden horse awards, best actress at the fifth international ocean film festival in Spain and best actress at the 16th golden globe awards in Taiwan television. And she's with Jet Li co-star Fangshiyu "Also deeply popular, martial arts high - strong, but careless Wild The image of the miao cuihua was loved by the audience. The film" Around40 "Is to let her career more advanced.

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During Josephine Siao's acting career, she has won many acting titles, such as following Maggie Cheung, It was followed by the second best actress at the 45th Berlin international film festival, the 41st Asia Pacific film festival and the 33rd golden horse awards for Taiwanese filmsJosephine Siaoalso received the queen MBE award and the Hong Kong artist of the year award. The awards were a testament to his acting skills, butJosephine Siaowas later found to be suffering from ear problems, and the lead role in "sparrow," which was largely lost on screen.

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Josephine Siao's career was dazzling. But he was born with an ear problem, and by the time he was two years old, one of his ears was deaf. In normal times,Josephine Siaohad to use a hearing aid to hear sounds. But even so, it did not affect his status as a film - level actor.

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For Josephine Siao's love life, in the early years,Josephine Siaodated Patrick Tse. However, due to their different personalities,Josephine Siaobroke up withPatrick Tse,after more than a year of dating. According to Patrick Tse, it was the first time she had been asked by her girlfriend to break up.

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Later,Josephine Siaomet with Taiwanese actors Charlie Chin To get married. But soon after they were married, they found their personalities and lifestyles at odds with each other, and the marriage soon ended in divorce.

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Josephine Siao's third relationship is with Zhang government They also had two daughters together.Josephine Siaodecided to move to Australia after her husband's transfer. One might wonder whether Josephine Siao's decision to retire for her family was worth it. ButJosephine Siaoherself has said that of the three identities in her life, the role of wife and mother is always above the actor.

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Something impressive also happened in the years sinceJosephine Siaoretired. In 2014, Sandy Lam, , a-mei,Na Ying,and others organized A public benefit concert, and itsJosephine Siaoalso came to the scene. In the presence of Josephine Siao, the guest reminded the audience to keep their voices down so as not to affect her ears. It wasn't a big deal, but it was enough to touch Josephine Siao, who even knelt to thank them on the spot.

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Josephine Siao's move, really scared several of them, rushed forward to pull up their predecessors. Their behavior won applause and praise from the audience.

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Josephine Siao, who has been in film for decades, is an extraordinary woman who constantly strives to achieve her dreams. Although out of the screen, but actively engaged in public welfare. She is worthy of the word "virtue and skill".

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