Male star's performance after being called' uncle ': kris wu messes in the wind and roy wang breaks his heart

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Well, first of all, I don't know how big you are, but first of all you can think about it in a different way. If you say, a 98 year birth gao chun lovely invincible beautiful girl, by a six year old baby called "aunt" when, what should you look at him? .

男明星被叫“叔叔”后的表现:Kris Wu凌乱在风中,Lin Gengxin当场崩溃

In the eyes of primary school students, you are middle-aged.



The same goes for celebrities, who are also older than their female counterparts, but easier to glass hearts

Here's an example: Bingbing Fan When attending the variety show, I was called "aunt" by a small child. The bingbing should not be angry, but weaken the air for a second


Bingbing Fan is really powerful, but a little scared that she scares kids, and then she frowns and tells them to call her sister


When the boy is called uncle instead of brother, it makes people laugh. Their heart is not only hurt, but also the shadow area is very big

Kris Wu Tell children to call him: cool brother!

男明星被叫“叔叔”后的表现:Kris Wu凌乱在风中,Lin Gengxin当场崩溃

Later, the child was too honest, one by one uncle, uncle kept Shouting, at the time 27 years old wuli every feeling has been messy in the wind

男明星被叫“叔叔”后的表现:Kris Wu凌乱在风中,Lin Gengxin当场崩溃

Of course, the boy who suffered such losses, in the filming of the journey to the west, just because the crew called a cooking aunt after a "aunt," tragedy occurred


Have been asked Darren Wang He's not ready to be an uncle himself Zhang Yishan Directly frowned, said that he did not like other people call him uncle, should call brother, really called "uncle" when the whole expression can freeze the entire cast!



Jackson, and Lin Gengxin When we were on the show together,Jackson,called uncle to the waiter


It turns outLin Gengxinis in a muddle, uncle? ! Where's your uncle? And from time to time


Maybe it's because the "uncle" in qianshi's name is about the same age as Lin Gengxin, who collapsed on the spot when she realized it


You call him uncle, so Lin Gengxin... The wind


When I was young, I was called my uncle, which is not surprising. After all, there are more than a thousand paper cranes

But the great seal is called uncle, Roy Wang At the age of 17, he was called uncle by the little doll, and his heart was broken.


Later, the host was almost laughing. After the reminder, the baby changed its name and called brother Roy Wang.

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