Angelababy's brand new fashion blockbuster more than one side of women's glamour

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Star connection news: recently, Angelababy Expose a set of photographic film. Fashion blockbuster USES black and white light and shadow art means, imitate moon's rain or shine round and short, show "more than one side" female new appeal. OnlyAngelababyin the unpredictable black background deducted a completely different temperament and connotation. She sometimes hides behind the light and shadow and looks directly at the camera, with sharp eyes and assertive; Sometimes in the moonlight under the head of meditation, cool feeling; Or standing in front of a picture of the moon's surface, the soft posture contains a tough force, and the bump on the surface of Any month is reflected by the halo, leaving a mottled impression on her. This series of films perfectly show the women's multi-talented style and bring unique female charm in the coming qixi festival.

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