Angelababy deng lunzhu yi long fashion blockbuster exposure “my true friend” shows the great feelings of the times with the struggle history of small figures

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5 cheng zhen zhenzhen orange Zhu Yi Long walks hand in hand to defend the dream. JPG

Linkeddb News November 21 Angelababy , Deng Lun , Zhu Yi Long Working with the producer and the executive producer Jia Yi group A series of fashion blockbuster shoot has been exposed recently, the window is a few clear lights, the letter paper light exhibition tea curl, Angelababy, Deng Lun, Zhu Yi Long in the study, in the dining room, on the sofa or empty themselves, or return to the real me, every twinkle and smile exhibition people to the home of all beautiful expectations. The play takes real estate as the topic, describes the baptism and embarrassment faced by practitioners in real estate industry in real life from the perspective of ordinary people, and delivers positive energy to the audience between the collision of dream and reality.

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Bazaar eye candy & NBSP; Angelababy Deng Lun Zhu Yi Long found the most precious of life

& have spent Attaches great importance to the family of the Chinese nation since ancient times, the family sit lights "depict it is people's beautiful yearning and expectation, TV drama" My true friend, exposure of the latest fashion shoot is for inspiration, will set out to click in the study, a sofa, mensal common life scenes, Angelababy, Deng Lun, Zhu Yi Long or artful smile smile, or lean on window overlook, or thoughtful, poly is huan load to laugh, is relaxed. The casual and smart dress fashion and modern interior decoration complement each other, which elevates the audience's aesthetic to a new height. The high quality and fashion sense of the drama are undoubtedly obvious.

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The shooting environment that the home is general relaxed and optional makes 3 leading actor unload the exhaustion of work, present the state with the most natural follow sex. In the video that came to light that day, Angelababy, Deng Lun and Zhu Yi Long opened up about their roles. "We are a long time in the hearts of the dream, a lonely is unpredictable, we in order to perfect black and blue", zhenzhen, Shao Peng orange, in the most precious things have been looking for your mind, such as the present most of the young people, the process of pursue is always lost in pain, but like Angelababy said: "I still believe that the most beautiful is one", not only gives the best answer is more looking forward to the three will be in what situations to meet his "most valuable".

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& have spent Little people have big dreams & NBSP; My true friend depicts the beautiful life vision of ordinary people & NBSP;

My true friend focuses on the real estate industry and depicts the baptism and embarrassment faced by real estate practitioners from the perspective of ordinary people. In order to demonstrate the perfection of the series' details, the whole production team intends to start from the details and create a "down to earth" little figure. Represented by cheng zhenzhen, Shao Peng orange house property intermediary is one of the most ordinary working people also have the most common troubles, as a workplace newbie cheng really because of lack of experience was customer complaints and even bring company losses, Shao Peng orange participating family doomed he had no freedom, life can only passively accept the arrangement, and the international well-known designers in also don't like the surface looks shiny, family's accident caused him lonely sober disposition, every star is a representative of the thousands of young people struggling with Shanghai, they may be ordinary but have great dreams.

& have spent The dream of "finding the right house for the client" and "improving people's living environment" may seem ordinary, but they shine in the most ordinary positions and prove to the audience that "happiness comes from struggle". These authentic portraits of the workplace are the epitome of today's strivers, and viewers are bound to take courage and comfort from the show's bright, uplifting, warm qualities.

& have spent The TV series "My true friend" is produced by shaanxi literature investment art & TV co., LTD., and co-produced by China vision entertainment, Chinese language film and Chinese star film and TV media. It gathers the producer and general producer Jia Yi group, scriptwriter mei yingju and director Zhang Silin Other gold medalists: Angelababy, Deng Lun, Zhu Yi Long, Di Xu Starring, Kai Tan , Li Xiaofeng , Xinyi Li , Anlian Yao The actors and actresses of old and young have joined us, and the main makers have been working hard to build a warm story about the house and the society. The show is currently in a tight post-production phase, please look forward to it.

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