Our forty years,' by jin shijia burt caesar, is an exhibition of his brothers' forty years' in which he traveled together to honor the glory of his time.

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Linkeddb News December 4 Recently, the TV series" Our forty years "Released brother version photo. Playing feng du Jin Shijia To play the role of Xiao war the Burt Caesar Appearing together, the two men who played good brothers in the drama wore trench coats full of sense of design, or thought calmly, or showed their charm with bright eyes, or worked together to interpret the struggle strength of the pioneers in their prime, showing the unique spiritual outlook of that generation. They advance bravely in the tide of The Times, greet the new era with the courage to change and innovate, and paint a profound picture of entrepreneurs.

3. Photo of Our forty years. Jpeg

4 Jin Shijia Burt Caesar. Jpeg

1 Jin Shijia adorn feng du.jpeg

2. Burt Caesar (Xiao war.jpeg

Both feng and Xiao war are struggling in their respective fields, but they are under different circumstances. How the plot will develop in the future has become a question in the hearts of the audience. It is reported that the TV series "Our forty years" is being broadcast at the happy single broadcast theater of jiangsu satellite TV, and we are looking forward to bringing us more exciting performances.

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