Our forty years' jin shijia chai biyun, a sugar lover, shows his or her feelings of love in the modern era.

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Linkeddb News November 29& have spent by Elaphe carinata As a producer, Zi Wang Director, mediocre screenwriter, Jin Shijia , Chai Biyun , Burt Caesar , Xu Xing , Xie Fang , Qian Bo , Yajin Liu , su guotao, Ou Chai , Wang Weihua , Angel Lou , Liang Jiawei , Lu Jia , Yiwen Xu "Our Forty Years," a huge production featuring warm memories of youth and other stars, was broadcast at 19:30 every night at the happiness theater of jiangsu satellite TV. Recently, a group of Jin Shijia Chai Biyun appeared in a photo shoot of a couple dressed in vintage clothes and matching colors to show their little mutual understanding. "this is too sweet, isn't it?

"Capital cp" frequently sugar Jin Shijia Chai Biyun into the right way for young people to fall in love

With the broadcast of the story, the TV series "Our Forty Years" has gradually entered a better stage, and the relationship between the parties has gradually become clear. Feng shengli (Qian Bo) and xu Yin (Ou Chai) live under the same roof, and bicker has become an important part of their daily life. The feng qing that yearns for foreign life wholeheartedly (Angel Lou is acted the role of) withKuroko 's also(Liang Jiawei is acted the role of) also be sent back to the motherland; "Cp capital" Jin Shijia Chai Biyun is more frequent hair sugar. Jin Shijia's feng and Chai Biyun's nishicheng, both of whom touch their heads and kiss in the rain, put on a super sweet "morning call", which leads the audience to call "feng duxicheng" for its high sugar content. "

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The couple wrote Shinichi Tsutsumi After the exposure, Jin Shijia immediately attracted attention, wearing a dark blue double-breasted coat, and wearing a long skirt of the same color Chai Biyun sweet appeared in the camera, under the harmonious combination of the couple showed a different romantic. Another set of light-colored student clothes will bring the audience back to the innocent age of youth with no regrets, follow feng du and xicheng, and take the special train of time to recall the passing years.

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Interpretation of the "love story at that time" couples photo show the feelings of love feelings of The Times

Jin Shijia and Chai Biyun are said to be the right way for young people to start dating. When they meet again, feng tells them that "you are still as good-looking as ever". When xicheng, who lost her mother, said "I just want to find a wire pole to lean on", feng said "I would like to be your wire pole", which became a hot topic of the audience. In the face of the angry west city, feng led his friends to sing a song on the street, "flower room girl", become a young man fall in love textbooks. Taking feng duxicheng's entrepreneurial experience as the main line, Our Forty Years tells the story of struggle in the background of reform and opening up, and shows the "love at that time" of his father and mother, which not only aroused the deep feelings of the contemporary audience, but also enabled the young generation to understand the youth stories of previous generations.

By light and shadow culture Media co., LTD., Beijing era Omnijoi Media Corporation, hebei radio and television, film and television culture co., LTD., anhui radio and TV station, Beijing contemporary time Media co., LTD., gansu radio and television reception (group) co., LTD., chengdu radio and television, HuoCheng koala industry, jiang Suhua The TV series "Our Forty Years" jointly produced by lianying painting culture and media co., LTD, yili changjiang rongyi and sheng film and television media co., LTD, and datang brilliant media co., ltd. is currently on air. Please lock in jiangsu satellite TV happiness theater at 19:30 every night for more exciting performances.


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