“teacher hiccup” to zheng advanced point screening without poor students only poor teachers to lead the resonance.

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Linkeddb News September 30 The film, directed by sidarte malahotra and starring Indian film star lani mukherjee, was released on sept 29. Teacher hiccup "In zhengzhou dehua hengdian film city point - ahead screen.

Indian film 3 Idiots I started to talk about education, and then PK "," Dangal "" has also been a hit at the box office. On October 12, in the Chinese mainland, "the Teacher hiccup" adapted from the well-known autobiographical novels, inflexible education is discussed, and in India at the bottom of society more difficult dilemma and the disadvantages of the rigid system, release in India not only struck a chord with the public, in the 21st session of the Shanghai international film festival "at zero bad review" word of mouth get consistent high praise.

 Teacher hiccup 海报

Warmth, healing, laughter and tears

Teacher hiccup tells the inspiring story of naina, a female Teacher with tourette syndrome, leading all the students in the bottom 9F class against the wind. The touching relationship between teachers and students in the film caused many audiences to choke for several times, and they all said that "this is the best way to open between teachers and students".

In addition to the warm and healing relationship between teachers and students in the audience's tears, the film presents the elements of campus comedy also made the audience laugh. Many audiences laughed and cried in the thumb up film after watching the film. "don't be overly sentimental, the point of laughter and the point of tears is controlled very well" and "use light comedy to present a serious topic, the director is very strong".

The education problem resonates with a light comedy response to a big problem

Teacher hiccup reflects the class gap and education status in Indian society through a warm and inspirational campus story.

"There are no bad students in the world, only bad teachers," says naina.

 Teacher hiccup 剧照

These campus cold violence also exist in China, and many audiences share the different treatment they encountered in their school days. "Arrange the seats according to the grades" "divide the classes in a slow way, resources will be first allocated to the key classes", and said "the film is too realistic" "this is the reality of many campuses".

Naina's teaching methods have also sparked heated debate among parents and teachers, with one teacher saying after watching the film that "the film gives us education workers a good lesson". Many viewers are attracted to nana's interesting teaching methods, thinking that teaching students according to their aptitude is a really good teacher.

The film "Teacher hiccup", imported by China film group and distributed by China amc, will officially hit theaters nationwide on oct 12.

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