Teacher hiccup(Movie)[2018]
《Teacher hiccup》(Movie)[2018]
Teacher hiccup(Movie)[2018]

Teacher hiccup (Movie)[2018]

Area: India Language:
Stars: Release data: 2018
Genre: Motivational | Campus comedy

《Teacher hiccup》Episodes

Based on a popular novel, "the hiccup teacher," nara suffers from tourette's syndrome, where she often convulses uncontrollably and makes strange noises. She dreamed of becoming a teacher. After numerous failures, she finally got a job offer at her Alma mater. But what she was waiting for was class 9F, the worst student in the school. Adhering to the concept of "there are no bad students, only bad teachers", nana accommodated the naughty rebellion of the children, guided everyone to find their strengths, and tried to rekindle their enthusiasm for learning. With a bowl of raw chicken soup, she taught them that cold blood is not an excuse for decadence, and that only good grades are the most powerful counterattack against high society. Finally, teachers and students work together to create a counter-attack miracle.

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