Neil cao, “i am the actor” has been recognized by zhang ziyi hu mei as the integration of character belief remade “xu sanduo”.

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Linkeddb News October 15 Recently, the actor Neil Cao He took part in the performance competition in the variety show "I am an actor". On the stage, he and jing chao, Qilin Guo , Shuguang Gao Performed the TV drama Soldiers Sortie "The send-off squad leader. Among them, Neil Cao created a brand new image of xu sanduo by acting in a sincere and natural way Zhang Ziyi ,Xu Zheng (actor)", director hu mei and other people's recognition, although the final failure to promote the result of the netizen expressed regret, but he through the role of the military's warm feelings to infect the public.

Neil Cao fighting for box details & NBSP; & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Warm-blooded military sentiment touched Zhang Ziyi

In the stage of "I am an actor", Neil Cao, together with jing chao, Qilin Guo and Shuguang Gao, performed "Soldiers Sortie" with sincere passion, which was very touching. Neil Cao's xu sanduo, in a standard salute, makes the character stand on the stage as soon as he appears, especially when he firmly grabs the box and tightly holds it with his hands, almost trembling, in order to keep the squad leader. He sat there with his trunk in his arms, tears streaming down his face, and the impact of forbearance and hard man really came into the audience's eyes. And finally he put down obstinacy, tearful farewell, almost roar & dying; "Send history today squad leader", the emotion straight into the people's heart, will that kind of not give up and strong growth of determination, hard-man military men on the blood tenderness show incisively and vividly; According to net users, the most touching part of Neil Cao's performance is that he sat there without his lines, still holding on to the box, and he continued the sad and enduring emotions of the characters.

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After the competition ended, tutor Zhang Ziyi also expressed his praise for Neil Cao's performance. "I was very moved when I saw his hands tightly holding two poles. They believed in the role and he could stand on the stage." Xu Zheng (actor), the tutor, thinks that Xu sanduo, played by Neil Cao, does not blindly imitate the image in the film and TV series, but gives new features to this character through his own understanding. Hu Mei The director also said he could see the army recruits in Neil Cao's xu sanduo. Believing in the role, blending in the role, and merging with the role, his real and natural interpretation of his understanding of more than three.

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The stage reveals its inner feelings and reveals itself & NBSP; & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Feel the charm of the role with gratitude & NBSP;

Neil Cao not only brought a wonderful performance to the audience, but also showed his potential as an actor. In the program, he also talked about his experience for the first time. In order to perform better after becoming famous as a teenager, he chose to stop and go to the university for systematic study and performance, which also led to many missed opportunities. He said "when I was a child was lucky, are some of the male one, but when he after graduation from the university can only pick up a few small role, although need oneself to groups, try to play, but it is not important for him, he will seriously thinking about to study doesn't even have a cast on the edges of the figure character features, because he thinks & have spent "No small roles, only small actors," but he wanted more people to see such small roles, so he took to the stage for "I am an actor."

Along the way, he has been steadily playing, constantly honing his acting skills. Although there is no promotion in this stage performance, his role of xu sanduo has touched many judges and audiences, and made everyone see Neil Cao's ability and potential as an actor. Whether it is" Real life little monk "Happy," "nine years old county taiye" in Michael Chan Jay, "" LotusLantern And the aloes in it, the movie Nice To Meet You With sincere attitude, Neil Cao presents the most wonderful part of the role to the audience with professional performance, hoping that he can bring more surprises for everyone in the future.


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